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City of St. Paul

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  • 650 Summit Ave Saint Paul, MN, 55105, USA - Summit-University

    This White Ford pickup has been parked there for at least 2 weeks (since last big snow). You can see from the snow on the tires that it hasn't moved. PLEASE TICKET AND TOW.

    This is a common problem on this stretch of Summit (the blocks directly to the east/west of Dale). All someone from parking enforcement has to do is drive by more than once a month.

  • 1444-1458 Sherburne Ave St Paul, MN 55104, USA - Midway
    Car with open or broken window has been parked on Sherburne at Pascal for at least two months.
  • 966 Cromwell Ave St Paul, MN 55114, USA - Saint Anthony
    Toyota Land Cruiser
    Georgia plate number PGH2613
    Parked for over a week on Pearl Ave
  • 290 Larch St St Paul, MN 55117, USA - North End
  • 344 Larch St Saint Paul Mn 55117 United States - North End
  • Address Unavailable - West 7th
  • 666 Van Buren Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55104, USA - Thomas Dale
    Been sitting here for over a year.
  • 391 Morton St W St Paul, MN 55107, USA - West Side
    The owners of this truck and flatbed leave it, and a few others, parked in front of our house for days/weeks at a time. They run a repair shop out of their home a few blocks away which is fine, but we're tired of our block being their auxiliary parking lot.
  • 1061-1099 Thorn St St Paul, MN 55106, USA - Dayton's Bluff
    It's been parked on Mounds Blvd for over a week
  • 1180 N Woodbridge St St Paul, MN 55117, USA - North End
  • Animal ComplaintAcknowledged
    345 Cedar Street Saint Paul, MN 55101, USA - Downtown
    The pigeon excrement smells and looks foul outside of hotel 340.
  • 920 Tuscarora Ave W St Paul, MN 55102, USA - West 7th
    Dog has been in the yard barking for 50 minutes.