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Open Issues: 3 Closed Issues: 1,973 Acknowledged Issues: 6
  • GraffitiAcknowledged
    325 Franklin St Fayetteville NC 28301, United States - Fayetteville
    Graffiti on electrical housing Has been here for over a month
  • GraffitiAcknowledged
    1431–1499 Hamlet St Fayetteville NC 28306, United States - Fayetteville
  • Hamlet St & Reeves St Fayetteville, NC, 28306, USA - Fayetteville
    Gang graffiti on wooden electrical pole written in blue.
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    2023-2099 Shaw Rd Fayetteville, NC, 28311, USA - Fayetteville
    Blocked bus stop, cannot get to sign to read, trash/leaves/limbs blocking bust stop access
  • 1278 Exeter Ln Fayetteville NC 28314, United States - Fayetteville
    Loose yard waste at 1278 and 1274 Exeter Lane
  • 8643–8699 Cliffdale Rd Fayetteville NC 28314, United States - Fayetteville
    Trash and shopping center buggies accumulating at bus stop across from Walmart neighborhood market...this bus stop also needs a streetlamp for night time use. Pole#0527602
  • 1115-1299 Fayhart Rd Fayetteville, NC, 28306, USA - Fayetteville
    Right of way needs mowing and overhanging limbs need trimming back. Old construction materials and plumbing fixtures have been dumped roadside.
  • 1000–1018 Ryder Ct Fayetteville NC 28311, United States - Fayetteville
    Large branch needs removing hanging into street obstructing view
  • OtherOpen
    1401–1499 Hilltop Ave Fayetteville NC 28305, United States - Fayetteville
    These trees on Hilltop are taking over the power line. Can they be cut back, please, so that they don’t damage the power lines? Thank you