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  • Sparrow Ave Hartsville, South Carolina - Hartsville
    The owner let there dog roam the street .i thought the city have laws for this .ask the neighbor not to do this .but they don't car e. the owner live at 921 sparrow ave
  • 513 W Home Ave Hartsville, SC 29550, USA - Hartsville
    heavy mosquito population along 9th Street.
    reporting as requested on the Hartsville FB page.
  • Marlboro Ave Hartsville, South Carolina - Hartsville
    Every morning and afternoon I drive my child to school and pick him up. On the street where the back entrance to IGA is, there are always cars parked in the road. This is a two lane road not a parking lot! If cars are trying to go both ways at the same time someone is always having to stop for someone else in the wrong lane passing the parked cars. I asked a cop a while back why this is allowed and she told me they weren't allowed to give them tickets for parking in the road down there. This is crazy! Get those cars out of the road before there is a crash. Warn them or something and start towing cars. They should be parking in their own yards and driveways, not in the street.
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    124 Rogers Ave Hartsville 29550, United States - Hartsville
    A bolt is missing on the playground equipment at Lawton Park. The guard rail is loose without it.
  • 1001 And 1005 Edgewood Drive Hartsville, South Carolina - Hartsville
    These areas are once again filled with dandelions and are causing many seeds to be blown into neighbors' yards and causing a huge weed problem. I think all the neighbors would be appreciative if the lot and yard would be kept up as are all the other yards in the neighborhood. Thanks.
  • 115 N 5th St Hartsville, SC 29550, USA - Hartsville

    Risky utility pole leaning again

    This is the third pole in this location in as many years. The first two were broken by traffic because the low lines are a hazard and got caught on passing vehicles. Now, this new pole is leaning dramatically. The lines on the right side of the picture are taught--they are holding the pole up as it falls to the left. The lines on the left are sagging and are dangerously low again.

    The City and local businesses have invested a lot of money and effort into making the E College Ave part of downtown safe and beautiful. The utility companies need to do their share and fix this pole issue by taking the lines underground. It would go a long way in making our downtown beautiful. It's the right thing to do.

  • 314 Law St. Hartsville SC - Hartsville
    Tree in front of house has limbs that are rotten and should be removed
  • 1010 Bobo Newsome Hwy Hartsville, South Carolina - Hartsville
    This old building and the trash and abandoned cars around it look terrible and don't represent Hartsville well to visitors. It should be torn down or, at the very least, cleaned up.