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  • 4401-4449 Embury Crescent Red Deer, AB T4N 1J3, Canada - Red Deer
    Back side of house has boarded up windows and fire damage. Has not been repaired in the seven years following the fire. Property values have dropped because no one wants to buy a house beside an abandoned, fire damaged house. Garage has graffiti on door and kids regularly abuse property because they know it is abandoned.
  • 4433 Embury Crescent Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    Back side of house has unrepaired fire damage. Has been there for seven years. Want to sell house, but property value takes a hit because no one wants to live beside an abandoned half burnt house.
  • 50 Street & 48 Street Red Deer, AB - Red Deer

    As per http ://

    "Effective April 18, 2013, The City of Red Deer will no longer be using SeeClickFix as an online problem reporting tool".

    Interesting isn't it..............considering..............

    On March 26, 2013 the advocate advised the following:
    "The city is evaluating the pilot program to determine whether it is the right fit. The city pays an annual licence fee of about $7,000. The See Flick Fix option replaced Report-a-Problem on the city’s website in mid-August." This was advised in the red deer advocate:

    In fact it was only the last couple of months (4-6 weeks) that the city of red deer actually utilitized this pilot project and the see click fix website with any type of standardized response , routine, and structure, although the advocate says the city was using this website since august 2012.

    Hey isn't august 2012 is when the bike lanes were installed. I wish council would make the same decision so quickly and fast about the bike lanes as they did about see click fix.

    So so very sad to waste more of tax payers money so frivolously. A waste of $7,000 of taxpayers money on see click fix over such a short period of time it actually utilized it.

    But aren't we use to such wasteful ways -- i.e. $80,000 on bike lanes and the costs are still rising!

    p.s. I think if you ask red deerians they would say that see click fix has been a very positive means of communication with the city of red deer. I know I think it has.

  • OtherAcknowledged
    4801 48 Street Red Deer, AB T4N 1S6, Canada - Red Deer
    Curb cuts for people with disabilities/ potholes. In between bus depo and the CPA . Lots of people with mobility issues travel those sidewalks
  • Alley Acknowledged
    3911 55 Ave Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    Alley entry next to 3911 55 Ave is full of deep ruts, cannot avoid them because of hedge at 3911 55 Ave, I need to access my garage by driving down this alley. It needs to be graded again.
  • 3954-38a Ave Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    Grade the back alley little cars are bottoming out it is a mess what do we pay taxes for
  • 1-9 Dowler St Red Deer, AB T4R 3H6, Canada - Red Deer
    When approaching the stop sign, the bushes on the left, block oncoming traffic, one has to drive out into 39 st to get a food view, the end bush/tree should be removed
  • SettlingAcknowledged
    Lamar Close Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    The enterance into Lanterman close is suffering from severe settling at the lane way. Water is alway sitting stagnent in this area. When it freezes this create a large icey section on approach toward a busy road.
  • 3805-59ave Crescent Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    Excessive noise from a mechanic shop, and junk yard appearance, and also sometimes blocks the alley exit. People coming and going eradicly with security camera's monitoring, day & night.
    Violates community/city bylaws and the nerves of the community!!! Please address this issue promptly!!!
  • 4724 43 Ave Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    The property that I own has a back alley that is paved. I am having a problem with speeders and I would like signs installed or speed bumps installed. Thanks
  • Lancaster Drive Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    It has been 2 Years the city of Red Deer
    didnot level back Lane of 600 block Lancaster Drive.Lots of hole and bumps.Please fix it as soon as you can.
    Tank you
  • 39 Street And Dodge Red Deer, Ab - Red Deer
    When approaching the intersection from Dodge onto 39 street, the oncoming traffic is hidden behind the bushes on the left in the summer when leaves are out in full, the end bush should be removed