City of Hammond PLUS

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  • Damaged CurbΑναγνωρισμένο
    1450 Caroline Ave Hammond, IN, 46394, USA - Hammond
    the curb is damaged, near utility pole.
  • Need more lights and a wider streetΑναγνωρισμένο
    2600 E Kenwood St Hammond, IN, 46323, USA - Hammond
    A car tried squeezing through the street yesterday and scratch and hit my side mirror. I’m so sick and tired of how our street does not get any attention. It’s been 10 yrs and no one is helping us. It’s disrespectful that we ask for a wider street and we get a curb that no one asked for. How is it the blocks next to us have better lighting and wider streets and we have been asking for the same but we get money wasted on curbs. It’s not fair. We need better lights and a wider street. That’s all we are asking for. It’s been broken promises. I agree with some of the other comments. We pay property taxes and elect people to help with this stuff and we have gotten the short end every time. Just help us so we can stop complaining and so we can stop getting our property damaged.
  • CONDITION OF 177TH ST OTHERSΑναγνωρισμένο
    3000 177th St Hammond, IN, 46323, USA - Hammond
  • Traffic Sign or SignalΑναγνωρισμένο
    E 143rd St & S Hohman Ave Hammond, IN, 46327, USA - Hammond
    Constant car accidents happen in this corner with the latest being a car crashing into the corner apartment on hohman. Can the city install stop signs on hohman ave to reduce the risk of accidents occurring??
  • Traffic Sign or SignalΑναγνωρισμένο
    1250 Indiana St Hammond, IN 46320, USA - Hammond
    on this corner indiana has no stop sign and cars and vans park right up on corner and its impossible to see if a car is coming thru.
  • Traffic Sign or SignalΑναγνωρισμένο
    6901 Northcote Ave Hammond, IN 46324, USA - Hammond
    This 4 way stop is extremely dangerous for the kids coming and going to school l. Multiple times cars have disregarded the stop sign or just went through it. is there any way we can get flashing lights or bigger stop signs to help make this intersection more safe for the kids going to school. Crossing guard is doing a great job but constantly had to step in front of drivers disregarding stop signs. someone is going to get hurt here can't something be done please.
  • 7305 Hohman Ave Hammond IN 46324, United States - Hammond
    Cars turning right from bike lane daily Trailer was also turning right and nearly had an accident with several vehicles turning from the bike/street parking lane
  • Traffic Sign or SignalΑναγνωρισμένο
    403 Kenwood St Hammond, IN 46324, USA - Hammond
    Stop sign needs to be moved west of newly located bike path
  • 4106 Grover Ave Hammond IN 46327, United States - Hammond
    Need signs for trucks don't drive on Grover. Tight just for two cars let alone a 53' tractor trailer
  • 412–424 Cleveland St Hammond IN 46324, United States - Hammond
    Put more stop signs. Drivers that pass through the area get confused.
  • Traffic Sign or SignalΑναγνωρισμένο
    6630 Indianapolis Blvd Hammond, IN 46320, USA - Hammond
    the stop sign going west on the south side of the sportsplex (Joe Hirsch and Baring)shouldn't it be before the alley at this intersection not one length behind it? cars block the alley once they come up to the stop sign.
  • Traffic Sign or SignalΑναγνωρισμένο
    1845 Stanton Ave Hammond, IN, 46394, USA - Hammond
    An observation at the Marina District. On more than one occasion while waiting to turn left I've had cars come from the right lane and turn in front of me. Potential to be dangerous. Would it be possible to have a straight and right turn arrow painted on the street? To be clear, it's Roby by the ATT store.