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  • 435 Conkey St Hammond, IN, 46324, USA - Hammond
    Can someone mow ? Thought cars couldn't be stored on dirt ? Looks bad.
  • 6352 Hohman Ave Hammond, Indiana, 46324 - Hammond
  • 6004 Hohman Ave Hammond, Indiana, 46320 - Hammond
    long grass
  • VandalismADIは、
    1035 River Dr Hammond, IN 46324, USA - Hammond

    Is the parking on the street for residents?

    Then I would like to know why we are still having to report the issue of our cars and homes being hit by frisbee golfers?

    This has now been an ongoing problem for years.

    I love that it brings people to the park but if your not covering or taking the responsibility for the damage you are doing to my car or my home then you should not be able to put a throwing path in front of my home.

    And yes I was sitting on my front porch when I saw my car get hit. No I did not say anything to the guy but this is the last time I will allow this to happen.

    The city needs to be held liable if they aren't going to fix it.

  • VandalismADIは、
    1616 E 174th Pl Hammond, IN 46324, USA - Hammond
    short man Hispanic that lives at 1616 by his garage he tore up the alley with a demo saw there is busted up asphalt all over the place no idea what he's doing but it's causing a huge problem for people who drive through there there is no permit..
    please check this out it's causing problems for a lot of people that drive through there it's by his garage
  • VandalismADIは、
    6145 Calumet Ave Hammond, IN 46320, USA - Hammond
    missing banisters
  • 2429-2441 Interstate Plaza Dr Hammond, IN, 46324, USA - Hammond
    This water pools in three areas down interstate plaza drive. You have to drive on the wrong side of the road to get through on a regular basis. The garbage is disgusting and is never cleaned up. If I didn’t have to drive down this road, I wouldn’t.
  • 1130 Hoffman St Hammond IN 46327, United States - Hammond
    Every time it rains, the water pools up and stays here. Can/will anything be done about this?
  • 1313 Stanton Ave Hammond 46394, United States - Hammond
    I complained about this for years ago when you guys did to Streets Engineering said they’re going to take care of it I posted it here and you guys deleted it here it is again water is not draining there is no sewer the way the streets were redone it’s all on leveled and nowhere for the water to go last year I fell through the ice because of this problem hopefully you can fix it for I won’t get hurt
  • 7412 Park Pl Hammond, IN 46324, USA - Hammond
    Water sits in the street after every rain or snow melt until it evaporates. It is stagnant and full of mosquitoes in the spring and freezes into a sheet of ice in the winter.
  • 4314 Columbia Ave Hammond, IN 46327, USA - Hammond
    It's like a minnie brook in the street coming from a reservoir makeshift pond on this property and going straight into the city street drain and at which no amount of water like this should ever go into. City of Hammond is already overloaded !! Please look into this ASAP!! Its extremely urgent!!! Fine the company for landscaping the property at an elevated level as well!
  • 3650 S Nebraska Dr Hammond 46323, United States - Hammond
    Water buildup by curb that is causing maggots. Parked car in front of house that needs to be repoed blocking the street sweeper from being able to clean up water. Water smells.