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  • Code ViolationPotwierdzone
    1531 E 174th Pl Hammond IN 46324, United States - Hammond
    Neighbor tore down and rebuilt a portion of their home. They have been burning the old construction materials for at least a week now. I thought open burning was illegal in Hammond.
  • Code ViolationPotwierdzone
    1348 Lakeview Ave Whiting, Indiana, 46394 - Hammond
    Noise ordinance violations. Cops have been to the location many of times. They have loud bands and music past time and it’s above the appropriate decibels.
  • Code ViolationPotwierdzone
    6937 Schneider Ave Hammond IN 46323, United States - Hammond
    Needs new garage door old one has big hole and animals are coming and going out of garage . Please address.
  • Code ViolationPotwierdzone
    7509 Kentucky Ave Hammond IN 46323, United States - Hammond
    Neighbors have mounted lights and cameras to the tree in the front of our house which is against national electric code, which was adopted by Hammond. This is creating a unsafe electrical situation and a fire hazard trees grow wires don’t.Neighbor hav mounte electrica device
  • Code ViolationPotwierdzone
    7231 Marshall Ave Hammond IN 46323, United States - Hammond
    The people that own this house is running a generator all day long in back yard. I can't sleep at night because of the noise. Please tell these people they can't run this 24 hrs a day.
  • Code ViolationPotwierdzone
    2016 Calumet Ave Hammond IN 46394, United States - Hammond
    Unkempt rental property with numerous nonplated cars on grass in yard.
  • Code ViolationPotwierdzone
    4135 Cameron Ave Hammond IN 46327, United States - Hammond
    Remodeling inside to house possible illegals without a permit Single family home housing 2 families Also, a white Lincoln with no plates
  • Code ViolationPotwierdzone
    6749 Woodmar Ave Hammond, Indiana, 46323 - Hammond
    Resident complaint. BBQ food truck and large food trailer parked on grass/yard, plates/disabled, vehicles in violation.
  • Code ViolationPotwierdzone
    7501 Kentucky Ave Hammond IN 46323, United States - Hammond
    Pool has been filled with water
  • Code ViolationPotwierdzone
    7209 S Mccook Ave Hammond, IN 46323, USA - Hammond
    Rental property and tree in backyard/alley growing into neighbors fence the trunk of the tree causing the neighbors fence to fall down because of the tree getting wider and causing damage and the neighbors fence to fall over . The tree was growing into power lines luckily nipsco trimmed around power lines but there are still branches growing into the cable and telephone lines. The rest is something the out of town landlord has to hire a tree service to take care of as it is something that cannot be trimmed back due to the years of overgrowth. Tenants needs to clean lose tree branches in back yard and dispose of them properly. I am so tired of out of town landlords making money on these properties but not maintaining them properly or being responsible for the actually other residents in the neighborhood. Something has to get done. Thanks in advance.
  • Code ViolationPotwierdzone
    7144 S Mccook Ave Hammond, IN 46323, USA - Hammond
    Neighbor renter brought his 3/4 semi work truck on the driveway and tore down our overhead cable/internet line.
    Also, you have two cars with Illinois plates that have not been registered in Indiana. This was the subject of another complaint that is over 300 days old.
    Lastly, this house has two non-running, oil-leaking junk cars that are leaking oil onto their driveway and running into my yard.
    These issues have been reported multiple times and still have not been resolved.
  • Abandoned VehiclePotwierdzone
    7551 Walnut Ave Hammond, IN 46324, USA - Hammond