City of Hammond MAIS

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  • 6838 New Jersey Ave Hammond IN 46323, United States - Hammond
    Kids keep tripping both spots look like this
  • 6744 Nevada Ave Hammond, Indiana, 46323 - Hammond
    Sidewalk needs to be fixed.
  • 2704 E 173rd St Hammond IN 46323, United States - Hammond
    There are two spots on Alexander where the sidewalk it damaged/broken. While attending the Veterans Day parade, an elderly man almost tripped trying to get to the parade route.
  • 1626 Atchison Ave Hammond IN 46394, United States - Hammond
    This section leading up to the curb is unsafe, especially for my elderly father who now lives with us.
    Thank you..
  • 6908 Magoun Ave Hammond IN 46324, United States - Hammond
    The sidewalk is sinking and creates standing water hazard. During below freezing temperatures the water freezes creating a pedestrian slip hazard. Two slabs are also broke/cracked causing uneven sidewalks.
  • 6257 Harrison Ave Hammond, IN 46324, USA - Hammond
    tree breaking sidewalk and branches in electric wires tree blocking stop sign. tree should be cut down. safety for kids cars always running through stop sign
  • 1618 Warwick Ave Whiting, IN, 46394, USA - Hammond
    1618,20,24,26 Warwick
  • 1111 Logan St Hammond, Indiana, 46320 - Hammond
    The corner of Logan and Howard. Sidewalk is damaged and half covered in debris
  • 1028 E 169th Pl Hammond IN 46324, United States - Hammond
    This is across the street from the other damaged sidewalk
  • 2850 165th St Hammond, IN 46323, USA - Hammond
    The sidewalk on the corner of Arizona Ave and 165th is so badly deteriorated and barely walkable and the corner is not Ada compliant. Both sides of this location facing 165th and Arizona Ave.
  • 824 169th Pl Hammond, Indiana, 46324 - Hammond
    east and west side of his sidewalk is buckled up and the water is not moving looks like a lake with all the snow melting.
  • 6720 Marshall Ave Hammond, Indiana, 46323 - Hammond
    Sidewalk uneven. Tree roots pushing out slab by 7 ins