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    7148 Marshall Ave Hammond, IN 46323, USA - Hammond
    171st from Alexander Ave to Marshall Ave has no curbs or drains it's a mess whenever it rains mud on the side and no where for the water to go. plain ridiculous.
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    441 139th St Hammond IN 46327, United States - Hammond
    Both sides of the street closest to curb are crumbling away in large chunks from here down toward Baltimore.
  • 2600 E Kenwood St Hammond, IN, 46323, USA - Hammond
    A car tried squeezing through the street yesterday and scratch and hit my side mirror. I’m so sick and tired of how our street does not get any attention. It’s been 10 yrs and no one is helping us. It’s disrespectful that we ask for a wider street and we get a curb that no one asked for. How is it the blocks next to us have better lighting and wider streets and we have been asking for the same but we get money wasted on curbs. It’s not fair. We need better lights and a wider street. That’s all we are asking for. It’s been broken promises. I agree with some of the other comments. We pay property taxes and elect people to help with this stuff and we have gotten the short end every time. Just help us so we can stop complaining and so we can stop getting our property damaged.
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    2120 Summer St Hammond IN 46320, United States - Hammond
    You can't really call it a pothole when it's really this whole section of street. both directions from Indianapolis Boulevard to 162nd the entire street looks and feels like the country dirt road perhaps maybe you could repaveits. I try to avoid it at all cost. But when I'm in my semi and have to drive it to go into locatio it's awful! ........
  • 3411-3411 S Sheffield Ave Hammond, IN, 46327, USA - Hammond

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    5706 Hohman Ave Hammond, IN 46320, USA - Hammond
    Piece of curb missing.
  • 3000 177th St Hammond, IN, 46323, USA - Hammond
  • 7507 Birch Ave Hammond, IN, 46324, USA - Hammond
    In front of house I have no curb. There is a big dip in the road where a curb is suppose to be. It collects water when it rains . It’s hard to mow the grass because it’s like going down a hill. Please could you have someone come out and fix this thank you
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    3027 Mahoney Dr Hammond, IN, 46323, USA - Hammond
    I keep asking this, but here I go again. When are they going to do a total fix on Mahoney Drive other than just filling the potholes/waterholes? It is ridiculous if you are traveling East because the edge is so bad you never know where the actual road is. So then you need to decide, risk getting a flat tire from the pothole or play chicken with the cars coming at you? This road just keeps getting worse, and much of it is due to all the large construction equipment when they were building the fields and the Kube.
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    5835 Erie Ave Hammond, Indiana, 46320 - Hammond
    Road is getting worse flooding 6in
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    1450 Caroline Ave Hammond, IN, 46394, USA - Hammond
    the curb is damaged, near utility pole.
  • 3628 177th Pl Hammond, IN, 46323, USA - Hammond
    the curb at this address is all broken up and there are pot holes getting bigger at the end of the driveway, thanks