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  • 41.69227 -87.50856 - Hammond
    This has been half baked since end of august. What's the plan here?
  • Park ProblemAcknowledged
    2945–2977 S J F Mahoney Dr Hammond IN 46323, United States - Hammond
    Leak in black tubing at the boat entrance to Dowling Park pond Water spewing out on Wednesday morning
  • Park ProblemAcknowledged
    472931 Magnolia Ave Hammond IN 46327, United States - Hammond
    Metal pole broken laying in dog park
  • Park ProblemAcknowledged
    5375 Columbia Ave Hammond IN 46320, United States - Hammond

    5301 S Kent Ave
    Hammond, IN 46320
    United States

    Swing set broken. Please fix.

  • 800 River Dr Hammond IN 46321, United States - Hammond
    It would be nice if the brand new pedestrian bridge going over Calumet Ave from Riverside Park was maintained to keep weeds from growing over the railing on both sides Disappointing that this has to be mentioned to keep a $6 million investment looking nice for the City Please give it routine attention to keep Hammond proud!
  • Park ProblemAcknowledged
    5939–5993 Tapper Ave Hammond 46320, United States - Hammond
    The eternal flame at MLK Park is out.
  • 800 River Dr Hammond IN 46321, United States - Hammond
    Like Amy park and Jean Sheppard park, riverside's dog park entrance gets flooded and muddy with even the slightest rain Could you please rectify the situation here like you did at Amy and JS parks and place some paving stones around the entrance so dogs and their owners aren't completely muddy from their visit Thanks
    dm Keilman
  • Park ProblemAcknowledged
    7231 Oakdale Ave Hammond, IN, 46324, USA - Hammond
    I tree across from me in parkway (7232 Oakdale Ave) was marked for removal before Covid ( marked with faded "H") and since others down the block have been remarked but this one has not. Is this still on the schedule for removal?
  • Park ProblemAcknowledged
    5460 White Oak Ave Hammond 46320, United States - Hammond
    Wind screen at Dowling park blowing down and ripping
  • 1658 174th St Hammond, Indiana, 46324 - Hammond
    ARE PEDESTRIANS ALLOWED ON THE ERIE-LACKAWANNA BIKE TRAIL? I experienced another near crash with a bicyclist while walking my dog on the trail. The bicyclist came from behind me without a sound. He told me that "It's a bike trail." I move out of the way when a bicyclist warns me that he is coming up on me. Bicyclists are required by Indiana to yield to pedestrians. I am now going to make this an issue with the city. Mark Wein.
  • 2016 Calumet Ave Hammond IN 46394, United States - Hammond
    A lot of trash not making it into the garbage cans by the greenhouse
  • 600–652 Mulberry St Hammond IN 46324, United States - Hammond
    Park is full of firework garbage and just garbage in general Also the middle table under the gazebo has been burned pretty bad