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  • 720 Highland St Hammond, IN, 46320, USA - Hammond
    Ally has flooded water is 6 to 8 in deep will not drain toward Street. Water is not moving and sometimes it's there for days
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    4332 Henry Ave Hammond IN 46327, United States - Hammond
    Alley behind by house floods on rainy days. Water is starting to get into my garage.
  • 1112 119th St Hammond IN 46394, United States - Hammond
    The alley roadway behind 1112-1114 119th Street is crumbling and probably needs to be repaved. Even the slightest amount of rain results in ponding. There are deep pot holes lining the northern edge of the alley alongside property borders. Water collects here frequently Ice forms in winter months and makes driving treacherous This is a busy alley behind commercial entities on 119th street. I unplugged sewer the other day to no avail It's on higher ground than the location of water ponding.....
  • 7 Midway Ct Hammond, Indiana, 46324 - Hammond
    issue in my alley at 37 Midway Ct.
    The alley has gotten taller over the years with paving, most of the neighbors have built new garages on foundations that are six inches taller. My alley, back yard and drive way all flood. A runoff channel cut into the alley to the sewer should solve. The water freezes up in the winter creating a hazardous situation. Thanks
  • 4435 Cedar Ave Hammond, IN 46327, USA - Hammond
    every time it rains, in the alley behind 4435 cedar to the end of the alley, the rain water is always heavy in the alley. can a drain or sewer be installed in the alley. it's only one part of the alley. can anything be done to stop the excessive water build-up in the alley?
  • 37 Midway Ct Hammond, IN, 46324, USA - Hammond
    Standing water in alley at my driveway and backyard.
    It is a chronic issue, as the alley is now at a higher elevation than my driveway from paving the alley. Ice in the winter and water in the summer.
    Could we have a channel cut to let the water flow to the storm sewer?
  • 7605 Howard Ave Hammond, IN 46324, USA - Hammond

    During rainstorms, water build up in alley in front of garage. The water gets in garage and damaging the property.

    Please call me with any questions, Mr. Gonzalez 708-378-4054.

    Thank you

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    2323 New York Ave Hammond IN 46394, United States - Hammond
    Standing stagnant water in the entrance of my garage. Every time it rains the water has no where to go. The water stagnation is caused because the alley pavement it's crumbling.
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    52 Lawndale St Hammond IN 46324, United States - Hammond
    Asphalt in alley damaged Causes water to pool
  • 1112 119th St Hammond IN 46394, United States - Hammond
    Reported once each year for the past two years Alley floor is disintegrating on this busy stretch of roadway behind commercial businesses on 119th Street Flooding is extensive and during colder months becomes treacherous French drain nearby does not work. Thank you for addressing this growing nuisance ....
  • 3036 165th St Hammond, IN 46323, USA - Hammond
    water in alley that stays for days. big or small rainstorm
  • 6537 Montana Ave Hammond IN 46323, United States - Hammond
    A lot of standing water in the alley behind 6530 Montana