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  • S Union St & St Paul St Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    I've written about this in the past, but the problem persists. The crosswalk at S. Union and St. Paul/Shelburne street is dangerous. Many times, cars don't stop. Lots of kids use it, walking home from Edmunds. I wonder why we can't install a flasher to alert cars of the passengers waiting to cross. I have seen many near-collisions from my house and wonder why flashers have not been installed.
  • Colchester Ave Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    The signals on Colchester Ave at Mansfield Ave and Colchester Ave at the hospital entrance go to blinking yellow for Colchester Ave and blinking red for the two side roads. Per a discussion with DPW through the walk bike council the signals should be reprogrammed to allow for green on Colchester Ave and red on the side roads that is triggered by sensors/crosswalk button to give the appropriate right of way to vehicles using the sideroad and pedestrians using any of the crosswalks.
  • College St Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    Traffic lights at College Street and Willard Street is out completely
  • Flynn Ave & Pine St Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Regarding the intersection of Pine and Flynn, moving northwards. If there is a car waiting to turn left onto Flynn Ave from Pine St, it often will take more than one light cycle for traffic to move at all. A left turn signal or even not allowing left turns there might be helpful to keep traffic moving.
  • Battery St & Main St Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    Traffic light showing both colors at the same time.
  • 295 Shelburne Rd Burlington VT 05401, United States - Burlington Electric
    Since the new paving, the southbound left turn signal goes on every cycle, even if no car is in the left lane, which unnecessarily holds up northbound traffic.
  • 38 College St Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    pedestrian button on opposite side of burlington bay near the bus stop is not working.
  • Church St & Main St Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric

    The pedestrian beg button on the Northwestern side of the Church/Main crossing (directly across from Manhattan’s) requires excessive force to activate, leaving pedestrians waiting for extended periods of time to safely cross, and spurring many pedestrians to attempt crossing without a signal.

    Almost every single time that I cross here, there is a large queue of people who are waiting for the light to change, but the beg button light is not “lit up” indicating that it has not been pressed. I have learned that you must press the button very hard to get it to activate, and so when I arrive to cross and press it hard enough, the light immediately changes to yellow and begins the crossing phase which signals to me that the light has been ready to let pedestrians go for a while. I’ve also watched people press the button many times and have it not activate, so I don’t think this is an issue of people not pressing the button.

    The button needs to be assessed and possibly repaired or replaced so that the average pedestrian’s use activates the crossing phase. I rarely use any of the other crossing directions at that intersection, so it may also be worth investigating some of the other buttons at that intersection to see if they exhibit similar behavior.

  • 192 S Union St Burlington VT 05401, United States - Burlington Electric
    Please add a flashing crosswalk signal and repaint the crosswalk lines on the pavement This crosswalk at the intersection of King Street and South Union is very busy and .Kids leaving Edmunds school complex arein danger.
  • 80 S Willard St Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    I know many Elementary and Middle School students walk to/from school down Willard St. There is no walk/don't walk signal and there is no crossing guard at this intersection. Can a signal be added?
  • North Ave Burlington, VT, 05408, USA - Burlington Electric
    The light coming off the belt line onto north ave across from the alliance church seems to be extra long lately. Many Cars who are waiting to turn left off of the belt line toward the high school are running the red light assuming it’s not working properly. I live directly across the street and have seen several close calls.
  • 800 Pine St Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric

    Crosswalk lacking flashing lights and unsafe for children (& adults) to cross as vehicles do not notice them to stop. Please add a walk request button and flashing lights.

    I watch children wait every morning while cars drive right through the crosswalk without stopping.