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  • Elmwood Ave Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    Need Traffic Calming
  • Grant St & Elmwood Ave Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    Requesting speed bump - I walk to and from work and I cross the intersection of Grant and Elmwood twice a day, and every year cars there seem to be getting more and more hostile to pedestrians in the crosswalk. I’ve had a few close calls with drivers not paying attention who drive straight through the crosswalk without even checking for pedestrians, and I’ve had a lot of close calls with drivers seemingly getting frustrated that pedestrians are there at all. This morning I had to jump out of the way of an angry driver who sped up and and swerved around me while I was less than halfway across the crosswalk, even though I started crossing before they even reached the turn there.
  • 99 Dodds Ct Burlington, VT, 05408, USA - Burlington Electric
    Suggest 4-way stop sign at this location. Commuters leaving the west end of the neighborhood routinely speed around the corner, the south extension of Dodds Court does not have good visibility of oncoming traffic from the west due to fence and shed installed in the last couple of years, and children are in the road biking to school.
  • 1–35 Birchcliff Pkwy Burlington VT 05401, United States - Burlington Electric
    There is currently parking allowed on both sides of the west terminus of Birchliff Parkway With many visitors to Zero Gravity, this often makes for a dangerous single lane at the intersection with Pine St The Champlain Elementary Pedestrian Improvement project included plans to have parking on only one side of the street Maybe the lack of signage was just an oversight at the end of the project? A few "No Parking" signs on the north side of the street from Cherry Ln to Pine St would alleviate this hazard ,
  • Shelburne Rd Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    Customer called and stated that he had stopped for a pedestrian at the Swift Street and on ramp for 189 and was rear ended by the driver behind him. Feels there should be some flashers for pedestrians at these intersections to help people be more aware of the crosswalks
  • Speed bump Potwierdzone
    444-500 North St Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    I live on North Street and North Prospect and the speeding on this street, especially this end, is crazy. I want to know how to get evaluated for a speed bump over here to slow down the traffic for kids and dog safety.
  • 204 King St Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    The "no parking signs" in front of 204 and 208 King Street need to be taken down. They were put up when the Main Street construction started a couple months ago, apparently to help direct Perrywinkle's customers to its alternative back entrance. However, the construction ended weeks ago, Main Street has been open, and the Perrywinkle's Main Street entrance has been accessible. Thus, there is no longer a need for the "no parking" signs on King Street, which are effectively blocking two valuable parking spots from the residents. Parking on King Street is already extremely limited, and many apartment buildings have no off-street parking available for the tenants.
  • SidewalkPotwierdzone
    253 Archibald St Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    No sidewalks. Dangerous for pedestrians.
  • 79a Chase St Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Please make the crosswalk signs at both crosswalks here double sided. Adding an additional sign in each direction will help visibility of people using the crosswalk at this busy intersection.
  • 192 S Union St Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric

    Our community desperately needs a stop sign on S. Union Street near Edmunds School. This is at the intersection where S. Union meets King Street. I have lived in this area for several years and have witnessed many near car accidents and some actual collisions. Cars making left hand turns from King onto Union do not see cars barreling down S. Union, so they make the turn and side-swipe another car. I have even been IN an accident where this happened. Luckily, in my instance no one was injured but it was frightening and did damage to both cars.

    Another reason this stop sign is necessary is for the safety of pedestrians (especially children) who cross the road from Edmunds near this intersection. Because a car making a left hand turn from King has to do it quickly (it’s nearly impossible to see cars coming down from S. Union), they have to whip around the corner. This puts pedestrians at risk in the crosswalk because cars have to make that turn so fast to avoid traffic coming from the right. It is a turn uphill which adds to the challenge of seeing people crossing the street.

    The addition of a stop sign here would drastically increase the safety for all involved—both cars and pedestrians, alike. Being that this intersection is DIRECTLY across from Edmunds, it feels even more necessary in order to protect our kids. I think we need to do something to make this intersection more safe before someone (especially a child!) gets seriously injured or killed.

  • Colchester Ave & Mansfield Ave Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    Requesting a left light at this location
  • Riverside Ave & N Winooski Ave Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    The Public Works Department turned this red light to blinking Yellow at 9 Pm at night. This leaves a very dangerous situation for pedestrians trying to cross from the North Winooski Ave side of the street as this is a blind corner, you Cannot see what is coming up Riverside Ave. from Winooski. We suggest a Mirror be placed on the "Welcome to Burlington" sign that is at the head of the fence by the Queen City Steel Property so that Pedestrians can see the cars. Gene Bergman has been made aware of this request.