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  • Pine St & Cherry St Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    I am respectfully requesting curb repair at the northwest corner of Pine and Cherry Streets in Burlington. The curb has almost entirely crumbled. When It rains, there is a standing puddle which makes it difficult to use at all. I use a power wheelchair and I am at risk of overturning it at this corner especially.
    Thank you for your consideration.
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    Simms St Burlington, VT, 05408, USA - Burlington Electric
    Simms St - Needs bump on curb sanded to prevent vehicle hitting it.
  • Curb RepairPotwierdzone
    24 Sandy Ln Burlington, VT, 05408, USA - Burlington Electric

    This is the intersection of Sandy, Lane, Roseade Parkway, and Lopes Ave. loop. One corner of this intersection has no drop down curve ramp for accessibility, it is just a full curb. So, to cross the street from one side to the other, you have to go down people's driveways, into the street, and then back up another driveway.

    I am totally perplexed why there are no drop curbs at this intersection, as I thought ADA compliance required it now.

    Is there a way to get this on the DPW repair list for the fall? Given how much we are all home now, these sidewalks are being used more than ever by folks who have accessibility needs, but also folks with small kids in strollers, wagons, etc. All of them are having to go into the street at this intersection to get back to the sidewalk.

    Thank you.

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    57 Lori Ln Burlington, VT, 05408, USA - Burlington Electric
    Curb has heaved and presents a tripping hazard.
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    156 Nottingham Ln Burlington, VT, 05408, USA - Burlington Electric
  • Greenbelt/TreebeltPotwierdzone
    11 Fletcher Place Burlington, VT - Burlington Electric
    Requester reports that with the missing 6' section of curb when there's a massive rain event it creates a 6"-8" deep hole.
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    Ethan Allen Pkwy Burlington, VT, 05408, USA - Burlington Electric
    Ethan Allen Parkway - resident called to ask when they will be getting curbs for their street. feels with the new road that curbs would be next.
  • Greenbelt/TreebeltPotwierdzone
    321 S Prospect St Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    Curb seems to protrude more than is necessary into our driveway, which makes it difficult to pull cars in/out without going over the curb when cars are parked 2 deep. Can the curb be shortened?
  • Pine St Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    ! Please repair the curb/cut down at Northwest corner of Pine St and Cherry, Burlington. I cannot access it when there is water standing. (I use a wheelchair.) The curb has crumbled and there is a dip which retains rain water, and soon, ice and snow, too. Thank you.
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    67 Village Grn Burlington United States - Burlington Electric
    City curb at private driveway is sticking up. Should be ground down and patched.
  • Greenbelt/TreebeltPotwierdzone
    62 Over Lake Park - Burlington Electric
    City heavy equipment damage to greenway earlier in summer overlooked with recent curb repair and new asphalt. Please correct so greenway can be maintained without damage to lawn maintenance equipment.
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    259 Appletree Point Rd Burlington, VT, 05408, USA - Burlington Electric
    The curb at the end of driveway is eroded and whenever it rains the water from the street comes rushing down the driveway instead of continuing down the street to the storm drain. (our driveway slopes down from the road) The result is a massive amount of water pooling at the base of our foundation. If it was restored it would greatly help! Thank you!!