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  • 270 Shelburne Rd Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric



  • DrainageAcknowledged
    285 North St Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Melting snow and rain unable to drain from area of depressed sidewalk that is along the entire frontage of 285 North St, causing pedestrians to walk in street & resident has to walk through ankle deep or more water to access their steps & entry.
  • SidewalkAcknowledged
    12 Stanbury Rd Burlington VT 05408, United States - Burlington Electric
    MISSING.many walkers with strollers, pets, elderly using walkers dodging cars higher risk of pedestrian to car collisions then elsewhere in the city this should take priority before another bike lane is planned ..
  • 93 South Winooski Avenue Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    An smelly eyesore on a nice clean city. This reflects poorly on all of us. Clean the parking lot stairs.
  • 2 Leddy Park Road Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Poison ivy, Leddy Park, in area between soccer fields, racket courts, upper parking lot, playground and basketball court. The area is heavily used by local families, people walk through this area, and children chase balls into poison ivy infected areas. On weekend when there are soccer games, the area is packed with children. In contrast, an area next to Leddy arena that is rarely used is overly groomed. This area needs growth of trees and brush to prevent erosion of the soil which is causing the shoreline to erode. Trees are falling into the lake. There are dangerous sand cliffs that could give way. Needs to be roped off with warning signs, and growth allowed to recover to help stabilize the bank. Meanwhile, mowing needs to be done in the area of poison ivy. A grandmother told us her grandchild had been hospitalized with ivy skin poisoning after coming to watch a soccer game. NPA and Graffiti team painted a huge mural on back of old theater and requested a few picnic tables in the area to create family-friendly atmosphere.
  • 80 Cherry Ln Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Please repair the paved path between Callahan Park and the Birchcliff Parkway neighborhood. The pavement is in terrible condition. Pedestrians (many of them children!) are tripping and falling. We need a pedestrian- and bike-friendly path between the Five Sisters neighborhood and Champlain Elementary School. Thank you.
  • 31-41 Booth St Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric

    I saw four people using heroin in a burgundy pickup on Sunday morning across the street from my house. I saw the needles and I took pictures. The police were called but arrived on the scene too late. My children were playing in the park while this was happening The next night someone overdosed inside the Pomeroy Park playground.

    Why weren't there additional or ANY foot patrols inside the park? Where is the park/ police collaboration? The hedge in the park needs to be removed.

  • Ethan Allen Park Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric

    No protective railings or fencing at the edge of 80' cliff in the park.
    There used to be a railing to warn people of this drop off. Now there is nothing, not even a sign. Very dangerous area to bring children to. Visitors to the park are largely unaware of this. The clearing is a nice place for kids to play and run around after hiking up the hill, but if you have not been there before you would not be aware of this danger.

    At least restore the railing or put up a warning sign.

  • PotholeAcknowledged
    150 Curtis Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    SW corner of Curtis Ave is looking a little rough. Sinking patch, pothole around water cover. Can we patch, seal, or do some kind of preventative work?
  • 63 Grove St Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Please consider adding a formal path from the sidewalk around the end of the fencing. It is obviously a high use area so should have the appropriate sidewalk entrance.
  • 167-199 Gosse Court (Miller Center) Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    The pedestrian pathway between James Ave and the Miller Center is in very poor condition. This is a high use pathway and an excellent alternative to Ethan Allen Parkway. This is also the best way to North Ave shopping center for everyone in the James Ave/Ethan Allen neighborhood. It is at best a mud single track and at worst impassable pond. It is not maintained in the winter, even though the side walk access at both ends is. Biking on the path is challenging due to the mud track and biking just exacerbates the poor condition of the path. Improvement here would also be a large improvement to Schifilliti Park in general. There is a dilapidated chain-link fence along the path with unclear or unknown purpose. Could the fence be removed and the pathway rebuilt with gravel or pavement?
  • No. Winooski Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    one way street ( southbound only) still being used both ways , dangerously I might add. some are even riding north on the right side making them completely blind to anyone exiting their property LEGALLY.
    Now that North Union is split in half for them, how about some signage and enforcement on North Winooski ave before someone gets struck. loco motion has divided this city.