Corona PIU

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  • Montoya Dr Corona, CA, 92882, USA - Corona
    Sunstantial landscaping is Missing from the WALL on NORTH side of Montoya Drive between Winthrop Drive and S. Buena Vista.
    Please add vines to the wall so it is consistent. Thank you.
  • Montoya Dr Corona, CA, 92882, USA - Corona
    Please ADD missing landscaping from south side of Montoya Drive. The area is on south side of Montoya Drive between Winthrop Drive and S. Buena Vista Ave.
  • Grove Ave & Montoya Dr Corona, CA, 92882, USA - Corona
    When it's a windy day these two tall palm trees constantly drop these huge and heavy dried leaves, and they often fall on my cars, or even even on my house roof that now has solar panels.
    This is a dangerous hazzard as they could fall on people and could also damage my property.
    They also make an enormous shade on my solar panels reducing drastically the energy production during the afternoon when the electricity is mostly needed for air conditioning, etc. It's also when the energy is more expensive.
    They're both very bowed, and when it's windy, they bow so much that it's scary, and I fear their structure might be compromise.
    So, due to the dangerous multiple hazzards and the shade on my solar panels I think they should be removed and I would like to have the City of Corona to help me doing that.
    Thank you so much.
  • 8749–8765 Dos Lagos Dr Temescal CA 92883, United States - US Congressional District CA44
    There is weeds growing out of the center cement divider
  • 1483 Greenbriar Ave Corona, California, 92878 - Corona
    Need City TREE trim permit because it cast shadows on my Proposed Solar Panels
  • 2775 Montoya Dr Corona, CA, 92882, USA - Corona
    Tree is hanging in our yard again. The tree trimmers said it needs to be removed last time. Please remove.
  • 3155 Dogwood Dr Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona
    Can you please trim the two trees in front of the house?
  • 834-854 El Camino Ave Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona

    Please schedule a traffic safety review at this intersection. Particularly the north and southbound traffic. The trees in the center median significantly block the view of on-coming traffic when making a left turn from northbound El Camino ave. to westbound Corona Pointe Ct.

    Thank you.

  • 1976 Wren Ave Corona, CA 92879, USA - Corona
    tree in parkway is dead
  • 1002 S Victoria Ave Corona, CA 92879, USA - Corona
    Very old, giant Pepper tree on 10th street (south side) at Victoria Ave stop sign has recently split and cracked down the middle trunk. Swaying and making noises in the wind. Breakage expected soon. Possible great property damage. History of containing bee hives. Reported by residents through other means with no response.
  • 1261 Florence St Corona, CA, 92882, USA - Corona
    Palm trees on walk path need trimming. They are dropping palm seeds and fronds in our yards.
  • 3154 Brunstane Cir Corona, California, 92882 - Corona
    I haver two city trees in front of my house. The post office asked me to get my (1)tree cut as it hangs down in front of the mail boxes. The other tree is in front of a fire hydrant, again its an issue for the fire dept. Since I get razzed each year by these debts.... Should I be inquiring to remove both of those trees since they create a problem or just do as I have to reports them when they need to be cut. These trees also full of bees during the summer I have had issues for the the past 20 years. In this day of no one being happy I have to ask if some one is bitten again this year who is responsible --- the city?????