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  • DrivewayAcknowledged
    203 Seeley Ave Kearny, NJ 07032, USA - Kearny

    the owner at 203 Seeley Ave called police and I was issued $50 ticket for blocking her driveway. I am clearly not blocking her exit.

    can her driveway be marked so this is not an issue going forward. Parking is tight on Seeley, so this issue will come up again with residents.

    thank you

  • Polish Meats & Provisions 14 Kearny Ave, Kearny, NJ, 07032, USA - Kearny
    Construction/renovation has been going on since Monday in the back of the salon at 14 Kearny Ave. Do not see any permits posted.
  • 148 Midland Ave Kearny, NJ, 07032, USA - Kearny
    The owner 148 midland ave Kearny remodeled the whole down stairs new electricity with out permits all new wiring with no permits at all for that I live in the building and I saw it getting done he always does repairs after 6pm when town hall is closed someone needs to Address this everyone else has to get permits why doesn’t he Oh ya because he’s good friends with the Kearny conversation inspector he said the inspector looks the other way I have the same whole conversation recorded will be addressing with town hall as well idk we pay inspectors in Kearny to look the other way
  • 11 Howell Pl Kearny, NJ, 07032, USA - Kearny
    I reported this earlier today. I got one photo up but that is all they are letting me add.
  • Midland Ave & Devon St Kearny, NJ, 07032, USA - Kearny
    Didn’t the Governor sign an executive order last week to stop construction? No respect for his orders. Construction going on and no one has stopped it
  • 183 Laurel Ave Kearny, NJ, 07032, USA - Kearny
    Neighbor in 847 working on his driveway. Building inside my property line. Elevating level that will continue running water in my basement
    The construction already breaking windows of my basement.
    My survey and my fence clearly shows they are now inside my property.
  • 32 Midland Ave E Kearny, NJ, 07032, USA - Kearny
  • 584 Forest St Kearny, NJ, 07032, USA - Kearny
    584 forest st corner house is being rented as 3 family when it’s only a 2 family a lot construction gets done threw the nights as well why does this guys get to do w e he wants with out permits people live in basement and first floor and second floor rented as well owner don’t live there
  • 11 Howell Pl Kearny, NJ, 07032, USA - Kearny
    11 Howell Place is zoned R-2, it is being rented out as a commercial business, mechanics garage. I don't believe it is permitted. They are running large flat bed tow trucks in and out of there at all hours of the day and night. The roads are not that wide, parking is an issue and it is dangerous for the children and pets in the area. Should you contact me I will supply photographs. Please investigate and have the owner cease and desist. Thank you.
  • 201 Hoyt St Kearny, NJ, 07032, USA - Kearny
    They are doing unlicensed work inside the house without permits.
  • 28 Highland Ave Kearny, NJ, 07032, USA - Kearny

    My house address , 28highland ave, on the left side of my house, our neighbor put the all the staff on my side after I bought my house, and my PSEG meter is broken. My house side so messy and some rat go in my house too. Request someone to check ASAP.

    We are appreciate your coming to check.

    Daisy Huang ( Owner of 28 highland Ave)

  • Grove St & Maple St Kearny, NJ, 07032, USA - Kearny
    The wall fell down and the landlord demanded the payment of the rent for August 2020, the day after the wall fell, yesterday August 19, he brought me a letter from a lawyer who EVICTED! his apartment which is at 41 grove st ap E.