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  • 3579-3615 Donaldson Drive Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    The Se Kwang Baptist church is under rezoning for acquisition by Pulte. Since this started the church has failed to do any maintenance on the yard or vegetation. The weeds measure 2 to 3 feet tall along the sidewalks. As the church is still in use until the sale finishes this eye soar has to be addressed as it completely detracts from the other areas immediately around that are maintained, clean, and under control.
  • 1539 Grant Dr Brookhaven, Georgia - Brookhaven
    See photos
    open buckets collecting water in backyard, trash and debris
  • 2611 Stoland Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven

    There has been a massive pile of construction debris and branches/trimmings for weeks upon weeks now. Is this ever going to be cleaned up.

    It is pretty clear that in the current state the Sanitation crew is not going to touch it as they have chosen not to for 3+ weeks now.

  • Dumpster NoiseAcknowledged
    3692 Ashford Dunwoody Road Brookhaven, Georgia - Brookhaven
    The trash truck emptying the trash dumpster at the Cowart Family YMCA on Ashford Dunwoody Rd sometimes comes between 5 and 6AM. This morning it was at 5:27AM. The emptying of the dumpster makes a terrific amount of noise for those of us living next door in Park of Ashford Condominiums. This has been an on and off again problem for the last 9 years. Is there a ordinance concerning excessive noise at certain hours of the day? Thanks!
  • 1368 Sylvan Circle Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    previously reported issue only partially rectified. Marked closed. Curved retaining wall still there.
  • 2980 Redding Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    Clean up the toys!!!!!!!!!
  • Sidewalk removedAcknowledged
    Dresden And Ashford Brookhaven, Georgia - Brookhaven
    How is it acceptable to remove the sidewalk to build a house on Dresden? This makes a serious hazard for strollers...
  • 4469-4599 Candler Lake E Ne Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    Owner of 4490 needs a FYI about encroaching bushes forcing baby carriage walkers to enter road.
  • Bynum Road Brookhaven, Georgia - Brookhaven

    I don't know the address, but it is the downhill neighbor of the new home being built...they are on their third dumpster renovating the entire home with no permit, but more importantly to me, no respect for the permitted work hours. Today, Sunday, they are replacing the roof.

    A couple weeks ago it was most of the plumbing in the house. Was this issue not addressed previously when reported? Or does the owner continue to shun the process?

  • Curtis Drive Ne At North Druid Hills Rd Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    A work crew dug a hole at the corner of North Druid Hills and Curtis and covered it with gravel. Because of its location, the cars that are driving over the patch are mid-turn from NDH to Curtis. This is pulling the gravel out of the hole and over time it has strewn the gravel all over the intersection and un-filled the hole to the point that it's a deep pothole. Cars are sliding sideways from slipping on the unexpected gravel in the middle of turn. This is going to cause an accident and it's getting worse fast.
  • 2512-2544 E Osborne Road Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    Swing set in public right of way; too close to street and alley. Very dangerous situation!
  • 2968 Parkridge Drive Ne Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven

    Sec. 17-140. - Parking on narrow streets.
    (a) The public works department may erect signs indicating no parking upon any street when the width
    of the roadway does not exceed twenty (20) feet, or upon one (1) side of a street as indicated by
    signs when the width of the roadway does not exceed thirty (30) feet.
    (b) When official signs prohibiting parking are erected upon narrow streets, no person shall park a
    vehicle in violation of such a sign.
    Sec. 17