City of Brookhaven PLUS

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  • 551 Redding Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
  • 4200 Ashford Dunwoody Rd Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    Traffic light at the entrance @ Lake Hearn and the State Farm Office complex turns red when there are no cars exiting from the office complex?? Not sure why this happens at all hours of the day? Please adjust this light accordingly. Thanks!
  • 2055 North Druid Hills Road Atlanta, GA 30329, USA - Brookhaven
  • Skyland And Dresden Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
  • 3470 Donaldson Drive Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    There are 3 speed bumps on Donaldson Dr between Blair Circle and Ashford-Dunwoody Rd that are not properly marked or identified. They are tan in color and are not marked so you can't easily see them as you are driving on Donaldson Dr. There are also no proper street signage to warn you of these speed bumps as with others located in Brookhaven and Atlanta.
  • North Druid Hills Road Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
  • West Nancy Creek & Ashford Dunwoody Rd. Intersection - Brookhaven
    The home owner has installed bricks, dirt and tall shrubs/ trees on public right a way. Not only do the trees block the view of cross street traffic they are covering up the fire hydrant.
    This is not an extention of their yard, a landscaping plan should be submitted showing the right of way.
  • 3134 Mae Ave Ne Brookhaven, GA - Brookhaven
    Overgrown bushes at stop sign on Mae & Windsor obstruct view to oncoming traffic. I have almost been T-Boned here several times. WHEN WILL THIS BE FIXED??? It is extremely dangerous. Does this mean the city will be liable if there is an accident here?
  • 2544 Caldwell Road Ne Brookhaven, GA - Brookhaven
    There is kudzu overgrowing the road near 2544 Caldwell Road. As it encroaches on the road, it is making the lanes narrow, and making the road dangerous for traffic and pedestrians.
  • 1268-1274 Dresden Drive Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    See above
  • 2521 Caldwell Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    Weeds are encroaching the sidewalk. In a few weeks it will be completely blocked.
  • 1697-1731 Tobey Road Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    The ivy is growing into the street and needs to be cut back so that there is room for 2 way traffic. This is an issue in many areas of the neighborhood. Temple wood Road is another road that needs to be cleaned up.