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Open Issues: 238 Closed Issues: 193 Acknowledged Issues: 1
  • 426-438 Degraw Street New York, New York - Boerum Hill
    Parking conditions on Hoyt St. make it impossible to see oncoming traffic when crossing at Degraw Street. Very dangerous with the speeding and number of children and proximity to the school.
  • 718 West 184th Street New York, NY 10033, USA - Washington Heights
    Traffic in Bennett needs a stop sign. There is a lot of pedestrian traffic and drivers on 184 th can't see past the parked cars to tell if anyone is coming up Bennett until they are out in the traffic lane and at risk of causing an accident.
  • 87-75 148th St, Jamaica, NY 11435, USA - Utopia
    Owner Gloria Montalvo (Contact # 347-666-8617) currently living in basement doesn't provide any heat at all in whole building. It's a six family house where old people and children are living.
  • 2274 Church Avenue Brooklyn/ Kings, NY - City Council District 40
    On the fence of decommissioned PS 90 are large posters/banners promoting music concerts and businesses.
    As per DSNY rules §10-119, §10-121(a-e, g) these posting are illegal.
    This is a chronic problem that has escalated over the past 9 months. Have file a previous complaint with DSNY which was cured but similar posters have since returned over time.
    Please assist in not only removing the banners currently hung but in enhancing enforcement to improve the chronic situation. Thank you.
  • Cortelyou Rd Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    405 E 16th street Brooklyn NY 11226
  • 26 Newkirk Plaza Brooklyn , New York - City Council District 40
    the cement support for the fences around the Q train line at Newkirk Plaza are cracked and deteriorating. you can see some from the street level, from the Chase bank to the toll house. you can see more breaks looking up from the train platforms.
  • Whitestone Expressway Queens, NY - City Council District 19
    Going southbound, after the Whitestone Bridge, at the split of 678/Cross Island Pkwy, there is a HUGE bump (not a pothole, but a raised hump in the road) in the middle lane (the lane that splits to go to either highway). It is directly in the path of the right-hand side wheels of your car if you are continuing to 678. To avoid it, I have to stay in the left-hand side of the lane which is dangerous as other drivers may assume I'm going to the Cross Island Pkwy. This is a very dangerous bump and should be smoothed out!
  • 510 80th Street Brooklyn, NY - Bay Ridge
    It is 16 degrees outside and I have no heat tonight in this building. The radiator is as cold as my refrigerator. I am all wrapped in blankets and wasting my money trying to stay warm with an electric heater, since these apartments are so drafty. I can't sleep I am so cold. This is not an uncommon occurance. The heat is almost always turned off at night, even when the temperature outside is below 40 degrees.
  • 1086-1090 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 40
    This building more than 3 monts have problems. Every weekend, every holiday do not have hot water at all. Till today no hotwater all building from friday afternoon.
    And no heat from wendesday in half apartments (in bedrooms).
    I called lot of times the super and the property manager too, but till now not happend anything.
  • 34 Street PENN Station, Brooklyn, NY - Garment District
    Lots of garbage can be seen on the rail in the subway. The phenomenon exists not only in Penn Station, but also in many other subways. Sometimes you can even find rats running through... I think we need a clearner underground and it's important for our health.
  • 405 E 16th Street Apt. 2b Brooklyn Ny 11226 - City Council District 40
    Today is our 3rd time in March 2014 experiencing no hot water in the morning. This building requires income of certain level and how can they not to provide us Hot Water in the morning? Please help me where I can go. Our super is not helping us. The management never pickup a phone call.
  • 88-22 Parsons Blvd my Apt. Basement Jamaica, NY 11432 (37 apts bldg) - Ridgewood
    We need and ask you to do pronto solution to our problem in our building 37 apts, families with eldery people and kids, No heat and hot water after 11PM until 6AM, every single night 7 days a week.
    Please force the landlord to give us heat/hot water every night after 11pm, thank you for you cooperation.