City of Newton PLUS

Open Issues: 119 Closed Issues: 415 Acknowledged Issues: 133
  • 416 Lexington St Auburndale, MA 02466, USA - Newton
    Recent signal timing change is causing gridlock. Left turn from Comm on to Lex gets backed up due to red light at Wolcott. Blocks westbound traffic on Comm causing unnecessary backups. Please study and address.
  • 160 Boylston Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Traffic Signal at 9E exit onto Hammond Pond parkway has issues with its timer. On several occasions, we have had to wait for more than 5-10mins for the lights to trip, even though there is no traffic on Hammond pond parkway.
  • 1064 Chestnut St Newton, MA 02464, USA - Newton
    All traffic lights at intersection are out.
    completely dark as if no power
  • 108 Jackson Road Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Traffic signal at corner of Pearl St. and Jackson Road is not working in any direction.
  • Washington St Newton Ma 02458 United States - Newton
    Signal not visible at stop line in left most lane. Please address.
  • Quinobequin Road Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Green light on 16 WB is burnt out.
  • 1090 Beacon Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Not urgent, but the traffic lights for Walnut Street northbound are a bit tilted. They face the gas station instead of the street. They should probably be tightened.
  • 264 Parker Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Parker St northbound at route 9 - pedestrian signal facing the wrong way.
  • 1964 Washington Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    The traffic light on Washington Street and the entrance into Newton Wellesley Hospital - the green arrow which allows traffic on Washington Street to turn left into the hospital property is not functioning. It is a short arrow to begin with allowing on ly a few cars to turn and now not having an arrow at all the time it takes to wait to get into the hosptal is very long.
  • 1680 Beacon St Newton, MA 02462, USA - Newton
  • 99 Oak St Newton, MA 02464, USA - Newton
    Traffic signals not working
    No power
  • 99 Oak St Newton, MA 02464, USA - Newton
    Traffic signal is out
    No power