City of Newton PLUS

Open Issues: 119 Closed Issues: 415 Acknowledged Issues: 133
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    80 Dickerman Rd Newton, MA 02461, USA - Newton
    Big pothole
  • 1349 Beacon Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    I am requesting a dedicated left turn lane for the left turn movement onto Evelyn Road, from Beacon Street, travelling eastbound, in order to drivers making this left turn to not have to back up eastbound traffic while yielding to westbound traffic.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    761 Walnut St Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
  • 2-24 Pleasant St Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    meter down on Pleasant St next to CVS.
  • 131 Derby St Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
    lights in Franklin field facing school are out. After school pickup is very dark. Lights are on park, but right next the Franklin access road (could be schools)
  • Washington St And Centre St Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Southern side of the Crowne Plaza, Washington St crosswalk. The pedestrian walk signal button does not work.
  • 400 Centre Street Newton Massachusetts - Newton
    Pedestrian walk light is broken. Looks like someone kicked it in. Unable to cross Washington street to the medical building or the shops. **Pedestrian light is right outside of Crown Plaza (Boston-Newton). Impossible to cross this road without the light. Noticed light broken on Friday and heard about your website.
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    367 Grove Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Multiple pothole, please fix it asap, thank you!
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    400 Washington Street Newton, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    Not entirely sure if it was a pothole, but it caused quite a thud. Refer to the picture for its exact location.
  • 234 Brookline Street Newton, MA - Newton
    From 729-847 Newton Street. Causing very serious damage to vehicles.
  • 1220-1236 Washington Street Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
  • 222-228 Auburndale Avenue Newton, MA - Newton
    A pothole has formed and is growing after this winter's frequent storms. It's either going to destroy right side tires of the routine traffic on Auburndale Avenue, or destroy the tires of the residents at 224 Auburndale Ave. when they try to leave the house.