City of Newton PLUS

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  • 21a Yankee Division Highway, Newton, MA 02462, United States of America - Newton
    Sidewalk not passable on rte 16 Bridge over 95
  • 2095 Washington St Newton, MA 02462, USA - Newton
    Sidewalk impassable
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    75-79 Needham St Newton 02461, United States - Newton
    Abandoned bicycle, been in this spot since the late winter
  • 1400 Centre Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Plate on East side of road is broken. May deteriorate more creating a serious road hazard.
  • Jefferson St. Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    This keeps getting posted to Watertown for some reason.. traffic signal issues at Pearl/Galen/Jefferson screwing up traffic flow!
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    2–32 Woodward St Newton 02461, United States - Newton
    Cars blocking driveways 22erie and muck too close to each other on Erie Ave.
    896jsb ct plate
  • 1349 Beacon Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    I am requesting a dedicated left turn lane for the left turn movement onto Evelyn Road, from Beacon Street, travelling eastbound, in order to drivers making this left turn to not have to back up eastbound traffic while yielding to westbound traffic.
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    69 Cross St Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
    utility poles leaning over, looks like a whole chain of them due to one tension pole
  • PotholeReconnu
    80 Dickerman Rd Newton, MA 02461, USA - Newton
    Big pothole
  • Central Needham, Massachusetts - Newton
    Please advise the owner/contractor of the "Sunrise Terrace project on Central Ave that the metal fence keeps falling into the sidewalk. Leaning against a pole.
    Sidewalk not passable and there is no sidewalk across the street for walkers.
    Newman School area.
  • 801 Beacon Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    The eastbound lane is on this block of Beacon Street is very wide, probably wide enough as 2 lanes. I would like to see the eastbound lane on this block of Beacon Street become narrower. To make this happen, I want to see 3 lanes westbound on this block of Beacon Street. I want to see separate lanes for left turns only, thru only, and right turns only, heading westbound on this block of Beacon Street.
  • 2-24 Pleasant St Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    meter down on Pleasant St next to CVS.