City of Newton PIU

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  • 417-423 Grove Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Would anybody install a Share the Road sign at all of the road on Grove Street?
  • Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA - Allston-Brighton
    Neighbors cleaned up brush is Governor's Park and placed it near the trash barrel for pick up.
  • 312 Tremont St Newton, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    Bus Stop is block by tree branches and sidewalk is cover w/ high grass.
  • 2-6 Colgate Cir Newton, MA 02462, USA - Newton
    6 Colgate circle. Sidewalk blocked for months with brush
  • 67-69 Walnut Hill Rd Newton, MA 02461, USA - Newton
    Walnut Hill Rd sidewalk at the intersection with Elinor Rd.
  • 325 Massachusetts 9 Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    The overgrowth of the bush in addition to the placement of the utility pole is making it difficult to see oncoming traffic. Now, people have to pull pretty far up before they can see around both the bush and the pole. If the bush could be trimmed back, it'd create an opening to see down the street behind the pole.
  • 408-426 Auburn St Auburndale, MA 02466, USA - Newton
    Landscape contractor is not cutting grass properly for housing project corner of auburn and woodbine streets auburndale and leaves grass cuttings all over sidewalks and does not cut berm
  • SuitcaseRiconosciuto
    11 Westwood Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Please pick up suit case in front of 11 Westwood st in west newton
  • Bulky itemRiconosciuto
    25 Westwood Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Couch needs to be picked up
  • 3 Willow Terrace Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
  • Dead animalRiconosciuto
    Lifecourse Trail Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    There is a dead racoon +/- 20' off lifetrail, it needs to be removed and tested for rabies, this is my second report in 24 hours, kids play in this area, my first report was yesterday to newton police, I'm troubled that it is still there.
  • Dead animalRiconosciuto
    1295 Boylston St Newton, MA 02464, USA - Newton