City of Newton PLUS

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  • PotholeOtwarte
    53 Hobart Road Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Deep Manhole with side Pothole.. Manhole is worse than pothole. See SeeClickFix #4587136 for picture and history of comments.
  • 255 Washington Street Newton, MA - Newton
    There are two big holes in the seams of the bridge spanning the Mass Pike & RailRoad tracks. It looks like the hole is where two larger pieces of concrete used to assemble the bridge come together.
  • PotholeOtwarte
    128 Jewett St Newton 02458, United States - Newton
  • PotholeOtwarte
    368 Grove St Newton 02462, United States - Newton
    Numerous potholes from hotel indigo past riverside t station
  • PotholesOtwarte
    46n Waban Ave Newton, MA - Newton
    in front of 46 Waban Ave driveway.
  • PotholeOtwarte
    455 Nahanton St Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    huge 3ft. wide pothole. at least 2 more potholes are within 150 ft. very dangerous as pothole is almost on center line and appears to be at least 6 inches deep.
  • Madison Ave newtonville, mass - Newton
  • PotholeOtwarte
    2-22 Leslie Road Newton, MA - Newton
    A large pothole in the northbound driving lane on Washington St, near the corner with Leslie Rd. Deep enough that I could damage a wheel and it's tough to avoid.
  • PotholeOtwarte
    68 Maple St Newton, MA, 02458, USA - Newton
    Several potholes
  • Boylston Street (Between Wegman'S Construction And Barnes And Noble Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    This pothole was HUGE and unmarked. It broke my hubcap and bent the wheel of my car. It's clearly due to the new construction. Please fix--with the lane shifts and rough patches, it's impossible to see while driving and can cause a lot of damage.
  • PotholePotwierdzone
    1066-1080 Washington Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    numerous potholes from on washington st from walnut st intersection to rt 16 west newton.
  • 214 Newtonville Ave Newton, MA - Newton
    Hi, you just dug to fix our bad sewer pipe problem last week on the corner of Bellevue and Newtonville ave. it was extremely cold when you did the repair. You should know that the pavement you filled - has given way and there is a huge pothole in the street and I can guarantee that you need to fill it more and redo it…as the residents on Bellevue will make a scream - You really should go take a look at it. It's right on the side of my house on Bellevue street- you'll see the patch where you guys dug last week. You will get a very bad frost heave or a sinkhole if you don't do anything about it