City of Newton PLUS

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  • PotholeReconhecida
    331-343 Dudley Road Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    Pothole in road. Was repaired but terrible job done. Still pothole here. Please fix.
  • Madison Ave newtonville, mass - Newton
  • 255 Washington Street Newton, MA - Newton
    There are two big holes in the seams of the bridge spanning the Mass Pike & RailRoad tracks. It looks like the hole is where two larger pieces of concrete used to assemble the bridge come together.
  • PotholeAberta
    128 Jewett St Newton 02458, United States - Newton
  • PotholeAberta
    120 Jewett St Newton 02458, United States - Newton
  • PotholesAberta
    46n Waban Ave Newton, MA - Newton
    in front of 46 Waban Ave driveway.
  • PotholeAberta
    455 Nahanton St Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    huge 3ft. wide pothole. at least 2 more potholes are within 150 ft. very dangerous as pothole is almost on center line and appears to be at least 6 inches deep.
  • PotholeAberta
    368 Grove St Newton 02462, United States - Newton
    Numerous potholes from hotel indigo past riverside t station
  • PotholeAberta
    2-22 Leslie Road Newton, MA - Newton
    A large pothole in the northbound driving lane on Washington St, near the corner with Leslie Rd. Deep enough that I could damage a wheel and it's tough to avoid.
  • PotholeAberta
    68 Maple St Newton, MA, 02458, USA - Newton
    Several potholes
  • Boylston Street (Between Wegman'S Construction And Barnes And Noble Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    This pothole was HUGE and unmarked. It broke my hubcap and bent the wheel of my car. It's clearly due to the new construction. Please fix--with the lane shifts and rough patches, it's impossible to see while driving and can cause a lot of damage.
  • PotholeAberta
    53 Hobart Road Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Deep Manhole with side Pothole.. Manhole is worse than pothole. See SeeClickFix #4587136 for picture and history of comments.