City of Newton PLUS

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  • 607-631 Dedham Street Newton, MA - Newton
    The road here is really really bad and torn up. Please fix.
  • PotholeAberta
    163 Melrose St - Newton
    Pot holes forming on Melrose street
  • Boylston Street (Between Wegman'S Construction And Barnes And Noble Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    This pothole was HUGE and unmarked. It broke my hubcap and bent the wheel of my car. It's clearly due to the new construction. Please fix--with the lane shifts and rough patches, it's impossible to see while driving and can cause a lot of damage.
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    54 Williams St Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Newton
    Multiple potholes that are close enough together that you can't avoid hitting them on the narrow street
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    375-415 Nahanton St Newton Center, MA, 02459, USA - Newton
    Potholes was there more than 2 years and still nothing get done. I call a month ago and still there's no action. We can't keep driving like this forever. Do something ASAP.
  • 1145 Massachusetts 9 Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Merging in to an already dangerous intersection, the right hand turn on to center street heading towards Newton has several potholes, of which I have to Dodge while trying to not hit traffic merging from I-90.
  • PotholeAberta
    Dedham Street Newton, MA - Newton
    At the set of lights going in both directions on dedham street the holes are getting bigger and when you drive at night and not see them it could ruin your front end. Why can't this be grated the a good cold patch put on it.
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    150 Monadnock Rd Chestnut Hill, MA 02467, USA - Newton
    Diameter 1 foot pothole.
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    300 Grove St Newton 02466, United States - Newton
  • PotholeAberta
    282 Waverley Ave Newton 02458, United States - Newton
  • PotholeAberta
    17 Newton, MA, 02458, USA - Newton
    Deep pothole just before the 'right turn on red after stop' sign.
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    26 Woodbine St Newton 02466, United States - Newton
    Big potholes in street