City of Newton PLUS

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  • 2150 Washington St Newton 02462, United States - Newton
  • 299 Lexington St. Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    the corner lot hasn't cleared the sidewalk from their front walk on lexington to their driveway on Orris street- makes passing impossible, would need to walk onto lexington
  • Pond Brook Road Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Only one car can fit down the street at a time. Often a car has to back up whole length of street. Very narrow and filled with pot holes. Please help. Thank you.
  • 221 Washington St Newton, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    Once again failed to remove snow from outside lanes on Pike overpass. Missing lanes will cause major traffic in morning.
  • Snow - Sidewalk IssuesПризнана
    544 Grove St Newton, MA 02462, USA - Newton
  • Snow - Sidewalk IssuesПризнана
    554-558 Grove St Newton, MA 02462, USA - Newton
    554 grove has not cleared sidewalk
  • 20 Clark Rd Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
    Bulb/light part of streetlight was knocked off during winter storm. Has yet to be repaired. (Streetlight is in front of 37 Clark Rd)
  • Street light - OtherОткрыта
    1658 Centre St Newton Highlands, MA, 02461, USA - Newton
    Street light is not working properly, that make this exit from Boylston St to centre St very dark.
  • Street light - OtherОткрыта
    15 Concolor Avenue Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    The existing street light came down when a tree struck the utility pole. The light has not been replaced and this section of Concolor is very dark. Are there plans to replace the light.
  • Street light - OtherПризнана
    250 Albemarle Rd Newton‎ MA‎ 02460, United States - Newton
    The path light shown in the picture was on in the middle of the afternoon on Tuesday. It's hard to see but compared to the light to the right you can see it is clearly brighter. No other lights were on
  • Street light - OtherОткрыта
    Washington St @ St. James St Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    St. James St traffic almost always has green light unless pedestrian is crossing. Green light gives false sense of right of way for merge onto Washington that follows immediately after. High % of drivers do not look left and yield to traffic crossing on Washington St. Dangerous intersection.
  • Street light - OtherОткрыта
    Centre St Newton, MA 02461, USA - Newton
    The lights under the route 9 bridge are on in full daylight.