City of Newton PLUS

Open Issues: 119 Closed Issues: 415 Acknowledged Issues: 133
  • Parker St Newton Ma - Newton
    Traffic traffic traffic stopped cars traffic traffic traffic
    Light is red when there is no one on off ramps and cars speed on off ramp to race through light.
  • Boylston Street & Parker Street Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    Traffic light is causing excessive delays and traffic through side streets and more pollution. Remove it.
  • 250 Parker Street Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    Cars speeding off route 9 off ramps at new traffic light
  • City-Wide Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    We need to change the overnight parking ban. Not everyone in this city has off street parking and quite frankly, banning all overnight parking from November 15 to April 15 regardless of weather conditions is ridiculous. Please address this!
  • Pelham And Centre St Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Old light fixtures on the east side have lights out, also one of the new LED fixtures on the west side does not turn on!
  • Pot holesОткрыта
    Burdean Road Newton Ma - Newton
    Pot holes not repaired. Road is terrible
  • Intersection Of Lexington And Commonwealth Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    FREQUENTLY I find that the green turn light off of Commonwealth to Lexington is not timed appropriately. This results in a line of cars waiting to drive down Lexington lining up through the intersection because the Wolcott light is red. Frequently this causes unsafe driving and creative problem solving because cars are left out in the intersection as the Commonwealth light turns green and cars want to start driving.
  • OtherОткрыта
    788–820 Washington St Newton 02460, United States - Newton
    New bike racks on commuter rail side of Washington next to the shelter have been partially unbolted. Both racks have the same issue. Thanks!
  • Street Lights OutОткрыта
    Commonwealth Ave Newton, MA - Newton
    ID markers COMM/ 1555. COMM/ 1575. COMM/1585. COMM/1611. Street lights with these labels have been out of order for at least one year.
  • 12 Wachusett Newton, MA - Newton
    Green light flickered and died at intersection at Hammond st and comm ave
  • Insufficient lightingОткрыта
    564 Hammond Street Brookline, Massachusetts - Newton
    There is an insufficient amount of lighting on Hammond Street between the Chestnut Hill train stop and Route 9. This poses a problem when it rains, as the sidewalk is uneven and full of holes at places on both sides of the street, and this problem is exacerbated in the winter when ice and heavy snow make the sidewalks even more dangerous to walk on in the dark. I have seen people slip at night because they couldn't see the sidewalk properly. Most importantly, as a young woman, I feel in danger walking home alone on this street in the dark, because I have been approached by strange men who I can barely see, and I have felt like I was being followed a few times. I propose that at least 3 more streetlights be added to this section of Hammond Street.
  • OtherОткрыта
    32 Chatham Rd. Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Street light out - comes on for a few minutes, but then goes out again