City of Newton IYO

Fur Arrimaha: 113 Arrimaha xidhmay: 421 Arrimaha la Qiray: 133
  • PotholeLa qiray
    Many Deep Pot Holes The Length Of Kingman St East Taunton East Taunton, Massachusetts - Newton
    many pot holes the length of Kingman st E Taunton
  • 814 Chestnut Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    There is a pothole in the northbound side of chestnut street that is directly in line with a passenger car wheel, which makes it very dangerous to avoid with oncoming traffic. It appears to have been patched several times prior.
  • 287 Centre St Newton 02458, United States - Newton
  • 68 Austin Street Newtonville, Massachusetts - Newton
    I hit this pothole rather hard because of its shape and you can't see that you are approaching it.
  • 110–126 Washington St Newton 02458, United States - Newton
    Dangerous pot hole
  • 31 Nahanton St Newton Center, MA, 02459, USA - Newton
    Loaded with potholes along Nahanton street please send work Cree out to fill
  • 8 Nancy Rd Newton 02467, United States - Newton
    Really deep pothole
  • PotholeLa qiray
    220 Cherry St Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
    multiple potholes and bad edging at ped ramp.
  • 37 Wilde Rd Waban, Massachusetts - Newton
    There are several dangerous potholes for walkers and cyclists on our street. In front of 37 and 43 are just a few
  • PotholeLa qiray
    Centre Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Potholes on Centre Street underneath the Rt. 9 overpass
  • 42 Grove St Newton 02466, United States - Newton
    Many large potholes on Grove St
  • 17 Newton, MA, 02458, USA - Newton
    Deep pothole just before the 'right turn on red after stop' sign.