City of Newton PLUS

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  • PotholeĐược thừa nhận
    Winchester St Newton, Massachusetts - Newton

    Good morning,

    Winchester is a main street with loots of traffic during the day. The amount of dangerous!!! potholes along the street especially closer to the JCC area are insane!!!. Huge and deep potholes may cause accident. In addition, many bikers takes this road early morning and there is no suitable place to ride. It brings huge risk for bikers

  • 46 Waban Avenue Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    This is my third report of a pothole--growing wider and deeper--in front of my driveway at 46 Waban Ave.--this is now two months running--no "three-day" response. \
    There is also another pothole on the curve from Waban Avenue to Nehoiden Road.
  • 234 Brookline Street Newton, MA - Newton
    From 729-847 Newton Street. Causing very serious damage to vehicles.
  • 53 Hobart Road Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Deep Manhole with side Pothole.. Manhole is worse than pothole. See SeeClickFix #4587136 for picture and history of comments.
  • PotholeĐược thừa nhận
    81-99 Tudor Rd Massachusetts - Newton
    Long-term festering pothole.
  • PotholeĐược thừa nhận
    Grove Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Huge pot hole on bridge that cars are trying to avoid potential accident.
  • 368 Grove St Newton 02462, United States - Newton
    Numerous potholes from hotel indigo past riverside t station
  • PotholeĐược thừa nhận
    221 Washington St Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
  • PotholeĐược thừa nhận
    1066-1080 Washington Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    numerous potholes from on washington st from walnut st intersection to rt 16 west newton.
  • 120 Jewett St Newton 02458, United States - Newton
  • PotholeĐược thừa nhận
    832-896 Boylston Street Newton, MA 02461, USA - Newton
    Big, deep, right side, on bridge close to the top
  • PotholeĐược thừa nhận
    331-343 Dudley Road Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    Pothole in road. Was repaired but terrible job done. Still pothole here. Please fix.