City of Newton PLUS

Open Issues: 119 Closed Issues: 415 Acknowledged Issues: 133
  • Sidewalk repairAcknowledged
    427-499 Elliot St Newton, MA 02464, USA - Newton
    The sidewalk on the new Eliot Street, Newton / Central Avenue, Needham Bridge is already breaking up. So much for new. :(
  • 677 Winchester St Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    Street sign and pole down. looks like damage from vehicle of some sort
  • Address Unavailable - Newton
    newton welcome sign down
  • 1071 Beacon St Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    stop sign at whole foods exit into Beacon st
  • 131 Derby St Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
  • 340-384 Nahanton St Newton, MA 02461, USA - Newton
    some sign has fallen across from Nahanton Park. not sure what it is, but there are two poles without anything attached to them.
  • 125 Derby St West Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
    post of school crossing sign at Franklin crosswalk is leaning over into sidewalk.
  • 38-54 Park Street Newton, MA - Newton
    It's very dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. Some cars don't even stop for the red light at this intersection.
  • West Newton Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
    Signs for the train and parking were not sufficient.
  • SinkholeAcknowledged
    49-51 Newton Street And B Street Everett, Massachusetts - Newton
    Resident would like this filled in. the address is 49-51 Newton Street and her driveway is on B Street. The sinkhole is around the gas cover on the street.
  • 794-834 Washington St Newton, MA 02460, USA - Newton
    Bus stop not cleared of Snow. Passengers forced to wait in street.
  • Countryside Rd Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Patten Circle & Countryside Rd have been unpassable. I didnt want to complain in the midst of the blizzards but now that we are between storms can this area be cleared up. I have never seen these two streets this bad. Also, pot holes and man hole covers sinking.