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  • 1027 Washington Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
  • 26 Westwood Street Newton, MA - Newton
    Please street sweep Westwood Street and Larkin Road. There is also debris on the odd number side of Westwood Street such as a toilet and expandable chair near the curb. Thank you in advance
  • 11 Westwood Street West Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Please street sweep WestWood street. I had put in a request some time time ago but nothing has been done. Please clean early in the morning if possible
  • 11 Westwood Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    I noticed last week that Westwood street was street swept. The street sweeper did not get in front of my house. Is it possible to the street swept again on both odd and even numbers side of Westwood Street. Especially in front of my house......11 Westwood street west newton
  • 1101 Beacon St. Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Three second pedestrian signal is way to short to cross two slip lanes and two regular lanes. Please lengthen the ped signal. The 59 bus has stops here and passengers need to safely get to businesses in this area.
  • Dr Paul Dudley White Bike Path Newton, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    Coming down Charlesbank on my bike and trying to go straight across Nonantum to the bike path, I waited on the bike symbol in the left turn lane. I never got a green light, even waiting through several cycles. Then I went to the crosswalk and pressed the button on the Charlesbank side of Nonantum. I never got a walk signal, even after several cycles. Nonantum westbound seems to always have a green light.
  • 594-612 Chestnut St Waban, MA 02468, USA - Newton
    Walk sign does not work on corner of beacon and chestnut. Never shows walk
  • 1180 Washington Street Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
    Very rough patch of road - far left lane on mass pike - going west - across from small exit 17 sign.
  • Elliot St And Route 9 West - Newton
    Left hand turn signal wasn't working at 10:45. It stayed on red for 3 cycles through the light without turning green.
  • 299 Needham St Newton, MA 02464, USA - Newton
    Traffic signals are out
    No power
  • Washinton St Newton Corner, Massachusetts - Newton

    Some time ago you indicated that you would be addressing the traffic congestion at Newton Corner. Since I traverse this intersection multiple times a day I know firsthand that, if anything, the problem is growing more acute; yet it has one very simple solution. It’s not a complete solution but it would lessen the traffic jam around the hotel and its concomitant environmental issue of vehicular pollution.

    The solution is to time the lights just before entering I-90 EB. Currently those lights are red 90% of the time that the preceding lights are green. This can’t be brain surgery-level work requiring grant money; just send your smartest traffic engineering to tinker for an hour and watch the improved traffic flow and the smiles on drivers’ faces!

    Patrick Mertens

  • 308 Washington St Newton, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    Center signal yellow light out.