City of Newton PLUS

Open Issues: 113 Closed Issues: 421 Acknowledged Issues: 133
  • 21a Yankee Division Highway, Newton, MA 02462, United States of America - Newton
    Sidewalk not passable on rte 16 Bridge over 95
  • 2095 Washington St Newton, MA 02462, USA - Newton
    Sidewalk impassable
  • OtherOpen
    69 Cross St Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
    utility poles leaning over, looks like a whole chain of them due to one tension pole
  • OtherOpen
    1639 Centre St Newton 02461, United States - Newton
    Broken detection cable for the right turn lane from Walnut onto Centre. I am not sure if that right turn arrow will come up as normal or not but it did not while I was at the intersection. Thanks!
  • 801 Beacon Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    The eastbound lane is on this block of Beacon Street is very wide, probably wide enough as 2 lanes. I would like to see the eastbound lane on this block of Beacon Street become narrower. To make this happen, I want to see 3 lanes westbound on this block of Beacon Street. I want to see separate lanes for left turns only, thru only, and right turns only, heading westbound on this block of Beacon Street.
  • OtherOpen
    75-79 Needham St Newton 02461, United States - Newton
    Abandoned bicycle, been in this spot since the late winter
  • Jefferson St. Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    This keeps getting posted to Watertown for some reason.. traffic signal issues at Pearl/Galen/Jefferson screwing up traffic flow!
  • 1400 Centre Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Plate on East side of road is broken. May deteriorate more creating a serious road hazard.
  • OtherOpen
    2–32 Woodward St Newton 02461, United States - Newton
    Cars blocking driveways 22erie and muck too close to each other on Erie Ave.
    896jsb ct plate
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    80 Dickerman Rd Newton, MA 02461, USA - Newton
    Big pothole
  • 6ft metal fenceAcknowledged
    Central Needham, Massachusetts - Newton
    Please advise the owner/contractor of the "Sunrise Terrace project on Central Ave that the metal fence keeps falling into the sidewalk. Leaning against a pole.
    Sidewalk not passable and there is no sidewalk across the street for walkers.
    Newman School area.
  • 2-24 Pleasant St Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    meter down on Pleasant St next to CVS.