City of Chicopee PLUS

Open Issues: 340 Closed Issues: 7,524 Acknowledged Issues: 90
  • 21 Massachusetts Avenue Chicopee, MA - Chicopee
    City Council Ordinance passed 9/6/16. Ordered that the Forestry Department prepare a tree condition report for a tree located in front 21 Massachusetts Avenue and take appropriate action to ensure safety.
  • 13 Charbonneau Terrace Chicopee, MA - Chicopee
    tree needs trim
  • City Council-SignsAcknowledged
    Granby Rd @ Mckinstry Ave Chicopee, Massachusetts - Chicopee
    Be it ordered that a crosswalk be placed in the southwest direction of travel of Granby Rd allowing the crossing of McKinstry Ave at this intersection. See attached.
  • City Council-SignsAcknowledged
    Chicopee High School Chicopee, Massachusetts - Chicopee
    Ordered that the DPW install "School Zone 20 mph" signs near Chicopee High School on both sides of Front Street and on Wheatland Avenue at the intersection of Archie Street.
  • 24 Walnut Street Chicopee, MA - Chicopee
    Install handicap parking sign. Sign can not be installed do to underground utility !
  • 55 Columba St Chicopee, MA 01020, USA - Chicopee
    Couch tv cart DG
  • 302 Springfield Street Chicopee, MA 01013, USA - Chicopee
    Couch DG
  • 22 West St Chicopee, MA 01013, USA - Chicopee
    Furniture DG
  • 690-694 East Main Street Chicopee, Massachusetts - Chicopee
    There is a flattened dead squirrel at my son’s bus stop. It’s in front of 680 East Main St.
  • 410 Montcalm Street Chicopee, Massachusetts - Chicopee
    There is a dead skunk on the road in front of 410 Montcalm St. Could it be removed please it smells awful. Thank You.
  • 609 Chicopee St Chicopee, MA 01013, USA - Chicopee
    Dead skunk in road
  • 43 Saint James Avenue Chicopee, Massachusetts - Chicopee
    Dead rabbit near the curb/sidewalk