City of Chicopee PLUS

Open Issues: 1,828 Closed Issues: 19,123 Acknowledged Issues: 366
  • 23 Polaski Avenue Chicopee, MA, 01013, USA - Chicopee
    This unused garage abuts my property and is causing damage to my property.
  • 184 Center Street Chicopee, MA, 01013, USA - Chicopee
    Illegal sign
    Business sign posted on City property and tree belt
  • 39 Forest Street Chicopee, MA, 01013, USA - Chicopee
  • Pervier Ave Chicopee, Massachusetts, 01020 - Chicopee
    The owner of the home at the corner of Britton St. and Pervier Ave took out a part of the curb and then removed the tree belt to add gravel so he could park his vehicle there. This is not acceptable since it is owned by the City and also creates a traffic hazzard.
  • OtherOpen
    Chicopee Ma Bromont St - Chicopee
  • 83-137 Jacob St Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
    People Speed down Vadnais St. blow through the stop sign and fly up Jacob St after going around the blind corner. Someone is going to get killed.
  • 184 E Meadow St Chicopee, MA, 01013, USA - Chicopee
    Huge bulky waste violation at scrap yard. This should not be visible to the public. Should be totally enclosed by an 8 foot fence.
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    456–460 Burnett Rd Chicopee MA 01020, United States - Chicopee
    Weeds head high along the sidewalk & the lot is overgrown & a mess
  • 10 Highland Avenue Chicopee, Massachusetts, 01013 - Chicopee
    Between the hours of 9:30pm and 5am the resident at 10 Highland avenue has 2 dogs that are noisy
  • Eastern Dr Chicopee, Massachusetts, 01013 - Chicopee
    When you drive down this street by the dumpster area there is so much trach overflowing in the dumpsters that it spills into the roadway and is a health hazard as it will attract rats and other type of rodents and also smells.
  • 1-43 Hilton St Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
    Low hanging wire
  • OtherOpen
    31 Eastern Dr Chicopee 01013, United States - Chicopee
    Rodent/ mice infestation.