City of Chicopee PLUS

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  • 1614-1634 Memorial Dr Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
  • 60 Rochester St Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
    Dog running in main road without a leash with very young children under 10 years old without an adult next to them. This street gets busy especially at certain times of the day. City trash truck and other cars have almost accidentally ran dog and children over. This potentially can a cause a fatal accident.
  • Jacob St Chicopee, Massachusetts, 01020 - Chicopee
    People speeding and going the wrong way on Jacob Street.
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    71 Homer Ave Chicopee MA 01020, United States - Chicopee
    Trash dumpster in driveway for more than few months .
  • 47 Sullivan Street Chicopee, Massachusetts - Chicopee
    There are a large amount of huge piles of dog feces on literally every yard on the southern side of Sullivan Street; I have a young dog who is now sick. In addition to being unsightly and nasty; it poses a health concern to humans and especially our furry friends. Some one, or multiple people int he neighborhood are not picking up their animal waste.
  • 165 East Meadow Street Chicopee, MA, 01013, USA - Chicopee
    Scrap yards are required to be totally enclosed with an 8 foot fence.
    This fence is in disrepair.
  • Pervier Ave Chicopee, Massachusetts, 01020 - Chicopee
    The owner of the home at the corner of Britton St. and Pervier Ave took out a part of the curb and then removed the tree belt to add gravel so he could park his vehicle there. This is not acceptable since it is owned by the City and also creates a traffic hazzard.
  • 682-686 Front St Chicopee, MA, 01013, USA - Chicopee
    Speed Table or Huge Bumps on Front street costing Chicopee Money!!!
  • Baskin Dr Chicopee, Massachusetts, 01020 - Chicopee
    How long does it take to receive a building permit? I understand the Office has thirty days to provide a permit, but does it take thirty days to respond to an email?
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    Chicopee Ma Bromont St - Chicopee
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    Langevin St - Chicopee
    This kid is constantly parking his car on a curve in 281 Langevin St where he lives. Cars are coming down the street and have to go to the other side. People are walking on street and almost get hit because of where and how the car is parked. It is unsafe, and I personally was walking here this evening and almost got hit. Then when he leaves he tears down the road speeding.
  • 187 Pondview Drive Chicopee, Massachusetts, 01020 - Chicopee
    basket ball hoop sticking out in street on a corner cannot see it till its to late