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  • Pervier Ave Chicopee, Massachusetts, 01020 - Chicopee
    The owner of the home at the corner of Britton St. and Pervier Ave took out a part of the curb and then removed the tree belt to add gravel so he could park his vehicle there. This is not acceptable since it is owned by the City and also creates a traffic hazzard.
  • 105 East Street Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
    overgrowth on sidewalk of Linden street
  • 2-98 Hope St Chicopee, MA, 01013, USA - Chicopee
    The house on the right of this photo has a fence that does not meet code. The house on the left has hedges that appear to be above 3.5 feet tall.
  • 423 Springfield Street Chicopee, MA, 01013, USA - Chicopee
    Illegal apartment
  • 87-199 Huntington Ave Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
  • 18 Fanwood Ave Chicopee, Massachusetts - Chicopee
    Entire road in need of repaving desperately. We have potholes, cracks and unevenness throughout the entire road.
  • 103 Ludlow Rd Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
  • Carew St Chicopee, Massachusetts, 01020 - Chicopee
    Speeding in area with children & handicapped individuals
  • Montgomery St Chicopee, Massachusetts, 01013 - Chicopee
    A week or so ago, there was a city crew that worked on the intersection of Mongomery St and Cross St. After they completed the job and tarred over it, there is excessive loud noises and vibration coming from the vehicles, especially the heavier ones that is vibrating and shaking my home at all hours of the day and night when they ride over it heading up towards the Comprehensive high school. This needs to be repaired and covered over correctly, or something put in place to stop these terrible and very loud noises and vibration. They actually happen on the opposite side of the street as well. This is unacceptable and needs attention immediately. Thanks.
  • Springfield Street Historic District - Chicopee
    Car was taken with plates on it. Plates reissued to another person. Bill goes to me.
  • OtherOpen
    164 East Main Street Apartment 2l - Chicopee
    There’s a new born baby in a filthy apartment. Dirty diapers everywhere, trash, cigarettes, empty bottles. Etc it’s a really filthy environment for a newborn
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    Front Street Chicopee, Massachusetts - Chicopee
    We have seen multiple teens throughout the week riding their bicycles in the road, doing wheelies, impeding traffic, and just being a danger to cars and to themselves on Front Street and the side streets. I'm totally okay with them riding in the breakdown lane or riding with traffic obeying the laws, but I almost hit some kid who flipped me off while I was out with my wife on our way to dinner. Had he not been trying to wheelie in between parallel parked cars with his idiot friends he might not have come close to be coming road kill. Unfortunately, one of these kids is going to get hit soon and killed. It is just a matter of time. The worst part was watching Chicopee PD drive by without saying anything or even attempting to remedy the situation. If I end up running one of them over, I don't want to have to waste time in court showing dash cam footage and paying my lawyer because some idiot kid couldn't ride a bike properly. The last thing I want is some lady screaming at me in court about how I killed her baby even though these kids are smart enough to pedal bicycles and understand basic consequences. Do something before I'm filing insurance claims to fix the human sized dent on the hood of my car.