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    Cars in front of business for sale
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    Unsanitary Fluid from truck leaks on road!
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    To Whom it May Concern:

    I am a homeowner on a nearby street to Szetela park and take walks there often. It had been a beautiful and well maintained park area, however sadly since the pandemic, I have observed a steady decline with (seemingly) little to no maintenance or police presence. To put it bluntly, the park is turning rather slummy. Here are the main issues as I see them ( in no particular order ).

    1. The trash bins are *overflowing* with decaying waste (predominantly, dog poop bags) which is making the park smell more putrid by the day. I'm sure this is not healthy or sanitary.

    2. The caution tape that was put up on the children's playground has been torn down repeatedly. I'm not sure there is any tape in place presently.

    3. There is now *ample* graffiti all over the trees at the back of the park which is a real shame.

    4. In the back of the park too, kids (?) have literally excavated huge amounts of dirt and soil to create an elaborate motocross arena. Many tree roots have been torn up in the process (which is may lead to the death of the tree). The environment overall is totally altered from what is was previously -- which was a nice wooded area with a couple of foot paths. Also, their is a good deal of motorbiking happening in and around this arena which is dangerous and annoying as it is loud and disturbs the peace. Also kids are leaving their trash in/around around the motocross pit.

    5. Directly behind Szetela park there is a trail to the left, if you take this and walk 3 mins in that direction you will come to the end of the path and a small clearing in the woods. This area is like a little campground on the edge of a small cliff (and down beyond, the highway). Here you will find 3-4 fire pits and handmade structures that look like dwellings. I had noticed some weeks back many, many tree branches and young saplings in the immediate area had been sawed off and I could not figure out why (it looked very hodge-podge of a job and not part of any state mandated maintenance). In any case, I'm not sure if this is kids or perhaps some homeless dwelling.

    These are my concerns, thankyou for tasing the time to review them. Please do let me know if I can answer any further questions. I hope something can be done to salvage Szetela Park.

    Thank you,


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    basket ball hoop sticking out in street on a corner cannot see it till its to late
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    People speeding and going the wrong way on Jacob Street.
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    Dumping and burying of #2 fuel oil and possibly asbestos
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    Care parking halfway up the sidewalk
  • 01020 Chicopee, MA, USA - Chicopee
    Trash, Needles Etc
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    Residents refuse to take their yard
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    Dilapidated building
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    41 Melvin St Chicopee MA 01013, United States - Chicopee
    Zoning problem with the fence here too close to the road/on city property?