City of Taunton PLUS

Open Issues: 3 Closed Issues: 7,996 Acknowledged Issues: 471
  • 2-98 Cara Cir Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
    Please clear basins
  • 136-150 Hart St Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
    please clean out
  • 1251-1253 Norton Ave Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    21 Weir Ave Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
    Catch basin falling in
  • OtherAcknowledged
    658 Whittenton Street Taunton, Massachusetts - Taunton
    When it rains, a huge puddle forms between my house and my neighbor at 670. It doesn't drain to the catch basin because of the depression in the road. When cars go by (especially when speeding by) they splash water up onto my front porch almost reaching my front door. This gets particularly messy during the winter with slush and salt being splashed up. I cannot keep any porch furniture or anything nice my the porch.
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    Precinct Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Catch Basin Issue needs hot mix
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    52 Field Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    drain is exposed
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    16 Wildwood Avenue Taunton, MA - Taunton
    catch basin is not taking in water. States neighbors put grass clippings in the catrch basin and has caused growth of grass. The street is nice now and the water is puddling and will turn to ice.
  • 45 Arlington Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    45 Arlington issue from the catch basin. Property has a hole that is filled with water. Called last last October to speak with asst. commisioner. Every time he has to mow grass the whole lawn comes up and water is present.
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    70 Malibu Drive Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Please repair CB.
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    Liberty Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Please clean the catch basin.
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    1003 Middleboro Avenue Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Resident called in to report a sinking CB. He believes that it may be a hazard to a child.