City of Taunton IYO

Fur Arrimaha: 337 Arrimaha xidhmay: 30,144 Arrimaha la Qiray: 322
  • 22 Hopewell Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Resident reports a void in the sidewalk.
  • Governor St Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
    Another view of sidewalk crack from roots.
  • Governor St Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
    Tree roots pushing the sidewalk up making for a dangerous situation.
  • OtherLa qiray
    17 Fisher St Taunton, MA 02780, USA - Taunton
    Sidewalk frost heave
  • Nickerson Way Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Voicemail-Claims that City plows tore up sidewalk at entrance of Nickerson Way. Also that the City trucks park on sidewalk and they are damaged from that. No name or phone number left on message
  • 12 Anawan Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Resident States that her mother has fallen three times over the course of a year’s time. She has called about the sidewalks and they have not been addressed.
  • Brook Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Sidewalk repair.
  • 10 Matteson Lane Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Please see comments.
  • 221 Berkley Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Caller states she would like the sidewalk redone in front of her property. This past snow storm she experienced many chunks of asphalt while trying to clear her sidewalk.
  • 165 Washington Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    pothole on sidewalk.
  • 190 South Walker Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Resident called regarding the status of the sidewalk. She states that the sidewalk is in poor condition and weeds are growing. She cannot take care of the sidewalk. Please send someone to clean it up.
  • 360 Caswell St Taunton, MA 02718, USA - Taunton
    We again need a speed limit and SLOW signs posted along the street by 360 and 366 Caswell St.
    We used to have them. Due to being hit by vehicles over the years they are long gone. Traffic heading to this area from Caswell St and Liberty St is speeding by. It's so dangerious. Thank you.