City of Taunton IYO

Fur Arrimaha: 2 Arrimaha xidhmay: 9,003 Arrimaha la Qiray: 274
  • PotholeLa qiray
    495 Richmond Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    holes, water splashes, takes out the asphalt. Please fill with permanent patch.
  • 595 Burt Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Please speak to resident at this location (#595). Is there anything that can be done to alleviate the excessive amount of water that is pooling in front of his property & less so @ #585.
  • 154 Burt Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    called City Hall. says they have requested a berm and it was not done.
  • 59 Shore Drive Taunton, MA - Taunton
    please install a berm
  • 85 Independence Drive Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Plows damaged Berms in front of their property (Ace International). They would like to know when it can be repaired. Berms are not personal property.
  • 10 1/2 Worcester Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    The water drains onto her property would like a berm.
  • 1 Hopewell St Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
    Mother's yard is eroding away. Came in in the spring. Foreman looked at in the spring. We went out but it did not resolve the issue.
  • 36 Harold St Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
    Please fill in the erosion and place a berm on the property.
  • 366 West Britannia Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Sidewalk curbing is gone. Rain washing it away.
  • 495 Richmond St East Taunton, MA, 02718, USA - Taunton
    483 Richmond as well. The road surface and the berm have erroded. Resident came in to show what occurs when it rains and the multiple patches.
  • 25 Shore Drive Taunton, MA - Taunton
    washing retaining wall away.
  • Water IssuesLa qiray
    50 River Road Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Giovanna Gallego (508) 823-4243