Town of Ayer PLUS

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  • 16 Cambridge Street Ayer, MA 01432, USA - Ayer
    Falling in
  • Catch Basin holeAcknowledged
    42 East Main Street Ayer, MA - Ayer
  • Curb Cut problemsAcknowledged
    Main Street Ayer, MA - Ayer
    At the curb cuts on each side of Phil Berry's liquor store there are potholes and some loose asphalt between the street and the sidewalk. Please check Thank you.
  • SignsAcknowledged
    2 Howard Street Ayer, MA 01432, USA - Ayer
    New street sign at Howard & Pearl has been taken
  • Norwood Ave And Washington St Ayer, Massachusetts - Ayer
    We really need some activity in the development along Norwood Ave.! We gave up the wilderness for this development, and that's ok. We need new houses and residents. The street needs to be properly signed.
  • SignsAcknowledged
    Washington And Main St - Ayer
    Yield sign blocking pedestrians access to crosswalk. Please move to muddle of road. Thank you
  • 21 Nashua Street Ayer, Massachusetts - Ayer
    Street sign at intersection of Nashua and Highland is missing as are several in the neighborhood.
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    20 Shirley Street Ayer, MA 01432, USA - Ayer
    Street light at 20 Shirley Street is dim, and flashes off. All 4 houses flanking it have small children, and it deters the teenagers who like to park and party on the church lot. I fact, last night it was off and two cars full of teenagers blocked the middle of the street to have a conversation.
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    20 Shirley Street Ayer, MA 01432, USA - Ayer
    I hadn't realized; is very hard to see people crossing there, after dark.
  • street light outAcknowledged
    Groton Street ayer, ma - Ayer
    corner of Jackson and Groton Streets. Street light out on Pole 7
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    21-47 Main Street Ayer, MA 01432, USA - Ayer
    Would you please check on the removal of the pole in the middle of the sidewalk on Cambridge St? Thanks!!
  • Utility PoleAcknowledged
    7 Highland Avenue Ayer, MA 01432, USA - Ayer
    The pole on Highland Ave below Nashua St is leaning severely. The house service to 22 Nashua St is pulled taught. The pole is owned by Verizon. They have been contacted multiple times over several years and refuse to deal with the pole. I am concerned it will fall.