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  • 7020 Arlington Rd Bethesda, MD 20814, Montgomery County, MD - Bethesda

    I drive on Arlington rd in Bethesda at various hours of the day and it seems that at least once a day every day there is a trailer obstructing the right lane of the south bound side of the road.

    Euromotorcars is located on that corner of the block at Bethesda Ave and Arlington Rd. They consistently block the right lane just after the light to offload and load vehicles to and from their property. It would seem to me that private business such as this should not be conducted in the travel lanes of a public road on a daily basis.

  • 5686-5698 Marinelli Road North Bethesda, Maryland - North Bethesda
    Sunken spot in road from changes to road due to new NRC building. Quite a large dip - enough to drag the front end on your car if you hit it. Results in people taking up 2 lanes and swerving right before a frequently used crosswalk.
  • 1099 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852, USA - Rockville
    The concrete around the grate is worn out.. Rebar inside concrete is exposed and protruding upwards.. Could cause tire blowups and possible accidents
  • 2314-2398 Veirs Mill Road Rockville, MD 20851, USA - US Congressional District MD8
    Grass encroaching on sidewalk making people have to walk close to road. No tree lawn so really dangerous.
  • 13402 Daventry Way Germantown, MD 20874, USA - Germantown

    Please can someone help me dig my car out of snow. Contact number 2405070971. My name is Natalie.


  • 5686-5698 Marinelli Road North Bethesda, Maryland - North Bethesda
    There is a large sunken area in the road near the crosswalk in front of the NRC parking lot entrance on Marinelli Rd. It is getting worse with time and is now to the point where cars that sit lower to the ground have to swerve to avoid damage, which is dangerous given the fact that it is right in front of a crosswalk and in an area with heavy bus traffic.
  • 7420 Lakeview Dr. Bethesda, MD - Potomac
    Montgomery County MD recently installed speed cameras on their roads. Even though the speed limit on the Beltway is 55 the average speed is actually about 72 mph. If a person because of their awareness of speed cameras decides to actually go 55 this creates a dangerous situation. Anybody doing 55 on the Beltway even in the far right lane is a sure thing to get tailgated. And tailgating greatly increases the likelihood of a serious accident. The speed cameras may be doing more harm than good.
  • 1400-1432 Spring Street Silver Spring, Maryland - Silver Spring

    There were new leaning trees planted along Spring Street. Unfortunately, they weren't planted well and are leaning. They are also leaning on the power lines. As the trees grow (at severe angles), this will only get worse.

    I have attached a picture that I took a short while ago.

  • Kennedy Drive Chevy Chase , MD - Bethesda
    I live in the Kenwood neighborhood, famous for its cherry trees. Sadly, the two-week blossom period is the only time I see a police presence and we need more. Simply put, dangerous driving is pervasive here. I have witnessed and been intimidated/threatened by the following: speeding, unsafe passing that does not show due care for the pedestrian or the stroller/pets they may be walking; failure to stop at stop signs (they roll through or barely slow down before accelerating again) particularly at the corner of Kennedy/Chamberlin and Kennedy/Woodlawn and from the opposite direction they take corners recklessly, accelerating through a blind corner right turn, driver inattention due to cell phone use and failure to yield the right of way. In addition, there are deep, injury provoking potholes throughout this main artery of the neighborhood, Kennedy Drive. Ive noticed a good deal of dead animals on our roadways-- raceways, really-- and I am fearful to take walks. Lawless traffic is outside my front door and creates unsafe conditions for me and my family. There are several homes for sale here and all market their properties as 'walkable' to downtown Bethesda. While in terms of distance this is certainly the case, in terms of safely, its unsafe, a risk. Spend some time observing the traffic patters, driving behaviors and road conditions-- and you will see a real need for enforcement and repair.
  • 12400 Needle Dr 12428, 12313, 12301 Dancrest DR, 12228 Dancrest CT, 23825, 23816 Janbeall CT, 12304 Fountain DR Clarksburg, Montgomery County, MD - Clarksburg
    Several pot holes in the Fountain View Development in Clarksburg some are 4-5" deep at 12304 Fountain Dr pot hole is 5-6" deep danger for walkers as we have no sidewalks and for bikers especially children
    t intersection of Fountain Dr and Janbeall Ct water pools just as it does as intersection of Needle and Piedmont dip in road
  • 6000 Executive Boulevard Rockville, Maryland - North Bethesda
    Due to the Pike & Rose construction, there is a patched area in the road that is now sunken down to the point that it is like a large pothole. You can see where cars have dragged the road, and it causes traffic slowdowns and swerving - particularly during morning rush hour.
  • 5128 Bradley Boulevard Chevy Chase, Maryland - Bethesda