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City of Champaign

Open Issues: 0 Closed Issues: 2,360 Acknowledged Issues: 11
  • 508 W Park Ave Champaign 61820, United States - Champaign
    Snow plows from business have pushed all loose asphalt onto the public sidewalk
  • 2–16 E Chester St Champaign 61820, United States - Champaign
    Alcohol bottles overflowing trash.
  • Pothole repairAcknowledged
    350 N Walnut St Champaign 61820, United States - Champaign
    A water valve is leaking at the corner of Washington and Walnut Street. The constant water flow has caused a deterioration of the pavement and pothole.
  • 408 E Healey St Champaign, IL, 61820, USA - Champaign
    All streetlights on Healey street from 6th to 4th are off.
  • 1002 W Anthony Dr Champaign 61821, United States - Champaign
    One of the five brand new installed Street light on the curve of Anthony Drive is not working it’s the one closest to flooring Depot and Goodwell Store
  • 211 E Armory Ave Champaign 61820, United States - Champaign
    South side of 3rd and Armory it appears the oneway signage has been pointed in the wrong direction.
  • 1785–1799 W Bloomington Rd Champaign 61821, United States - Champaign
    Turn signal is facing wrong direction. If you are in the eastbound lane on Bloomington Road to turn north onto Mattis, the stop light is turned facing almost north. There are no lights out, it’s just that we turn signal has either been hit or blown by the wind so that it’s almost not visible.
  • 507 Jackson Champaign, Illinois - Champaign
    The weeds and trees along the creek are getting too high and out of control. They are starting to grow past the power lines and I am worried that it could cause a future problem for power outage. It is also starting to grow in other yards.
  • 2712 Lakeview Dr Champaign 61822 United States - Champaign, IL
    Serious trip hazard
  • 3202 Countrybend Ln Champaign 61822, United States - Champaign
    This low spot on the sidewalk always floods whatever there is rain. Is there a way to repour it and raise it up higher?
  • 501-599 N Mckinley Ave Champaign, IL, 61821, USA - Champaign
    Raised pavement across McKinley Ave. between Washington and Columbia. Goes across both lanes. It is quite the bump. Can this be repaired?