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  • Clean inletAcknowledged
    509 Irvine Rd Champaign 61822, United States - Champaign
    This is the island at the entrance to Parkland Ridge @ Clayton and Duncan. Who is responsible for this? All the greenery you see are weeds. Thank you
  • S Neil St Savoy 61820, United States - Savoy
    The left turn lane on 45 heading west on Windsor Road is supper short it only allows 2 cars to turn before turning red. Is there a way to lengthen the turn light.
  • 2604 N Mattis Ave Champaign 61821, United States - Champaign
    Paint marking the edge of the road has faded on both sides of Mattis between Interstate Drive and the bridge. Cars routinely drive on the shoulder. I don’t feel safe riding my bike here because cars don’t stay on their part of the road. It’s the only way to ride my bike to work. Can you please repaint the edges of the road? Especially important before daylight savings time changes.
  • Remove graffittiAcknowledged
    208 S Chestnut St Champaign, IL 61820, USA - Champaign
    Logan st viaduct has a fair amount of graffiti on the north side
  • 300–366 N Neil St Champaign 61820, United States - Champaign
  • 1907-1999 Center Dr Champaign, IL, 61820, USA - Champaign
    Three street light out
  • John & Dogwood (Sw Corner) Champaign, IL 61821, USA - Champaign
    Used to have a No Parking on the curve sign but snow plow knocked it down and it never got replaced. Very dangerous and hard to get around or turn if a vehicle is parked there (which happens a lot).