City of Melrose PLUS

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    111 Clifford St Melrose, MA, 02176, USA - Melrose
    This is a picture of the horrendous tree overgrowth on the Lynn Fells Parkway across from Bellevue Golf Course. People with wheel chairs or baby strollers cannot get through this. Walking on the main street or on the grass shoulder is not an option. Can someone please come out and trim it back?
  • 44 Farwell Ave Melrose, Massachusetts - Melrose
    Curbing was damaged during previous Repairs by the city, but has not been replaced. It is missing in sections on both sides of the street.
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    176 E Foster St Melrose 02176, United States - Melrose
    Tree growth blocks entire sidewalk
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    45 Pearl St Melrose, Massachusetts - Melrose
    Small remains of double pole requires removal. Pole # 108.
  • 443 E Foster St Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    A new pole was added months ago; old pole needs to be removed.
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    1 City Hall Plaza Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    Faded arrows in parking lot
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    Lebanon St & Sylvan St Melrose, MA, 02176, USA - Melrose
    The asphalt at the intersection of Lebanon and Sylvan Streets in Melrose needs to be ground down and resurfaced. Enough is enough.
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    Grove St @ Gooch St Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    loose gravel is covering much of sidewalk across about a hundred feet of sidewalk ending at the southbound 131 stop on Grove and faxon. makes it kind of slippery.
  • 11 Faxon St Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    a large tree on a street without many trees took a hit from a car and has lost a good portion of bark at the base. please send the tree dept out to perform an assessment and attempt to repair or protect the tree if possible. thank you!
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    234-58 Swains Pond Ave Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    there are some small trees that are leaning on the power line near pole 1074
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    237–299 E Foster St Melrose 02176, United States - Melrose
    Damaged tree
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    39 Upham St Melrose MA 02176, United States - Melrose
    Sharp objects are exposed to the sidewalk. Danger to pedestrians, especially in summer with slippers and the children