City of Melrose PLUS

Open Issues: 186 Closed Issues: 1,549 Acknowledged Issues: 140
  • Pothole應答
    161 Berwick St Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    Water Dept cap off, head sticks up out of middle of sidewalk and is a trip hazard.
  • Pothole應答
    72-76 Park St Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    Major part of sidewalk on park st is asphalt based and settled, depreciated in many areas. The curb and sidewalk for entire strip should be converted to concrete/granite and trees planted. The sidewalk quality is particularly critical as these road is on a slope and pedestrian safety compromised specially during rain and snow. Also, this route is near Hoover school with foot traffic.
  • Pothole應答
    6 Prospect St Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    Double pole, #675, needs to be addressed/removed.
  • Pothole應答
    60 Sylvan St Melrose, MA, 02176, USA - Melrose
    The sidewalk is really broken and is a real risk for kids biking and for strollers. I noticed on one occasion, I person on a wheelchair had to get help to stand up (with help from other padestrains) and avoid this broken sidewalk.
  • Pothole應答
    206 Perkins St Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    multiple large potholes on sewall woods rd
  • Pothole應答
    81 Damon Ave Melrose MA 02176, United States - Melrose
    Potholes need to be refilled and large chunks of pavement need to be taken away
  • Pothole應答
    57 Larchmont Rd Melrose, MA, 02176, USA - Melrose
    Daughter tripped & fell in a "pothole" while jogging on the sidewalk in front of 57 Larchmont Rd. Seems to be filled with colorful trinkets for some reason.
  • Lebanon Ave And Malvern Street Melrose, Massachusetts - Melrose
    missing curb and erosion at corner of Lebanon Ave and Malvern Street
  • Pothole應答
    52 School St Melrose MA 02176, United States - Melrose
  • Pothole應答
    14 Crystal Street Melrose, Massachusetts, 02176 - Melrose
    Deep pothole in front of 14 Crystal Street by manhole cover
  • Pothole應答
    Porter St Melrose, Massachusetts, 02176 - Melrose
    Porter St between Bellevue & Harding Rd
  • Pothole應答
    15 Felicia Road Melrose, Massachusetts, 02176 - Melrose
    Multiple pot holes and road debris at sign of Felicia Rd. At Longfellow