City of Melrose PLUS

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  • MiscellaneousAcknowledged
    234-58 Swains Pond Ave Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    there are some small trees that are leaning on the power line near pole 1074
  • MiscellaneousAcknowledged
    Marvin Rd Melrose, Massachusetts - Melrose
    Sidewalks crumbling and have been ripped by plows. Also tree roots have made the sidewalks so uneven that they are unsafe to walk.
  • Unnamed Road Malden, MA 02148, USA - Melrose

    there are no trees in this park and it gets really hot during the sun.

    can you plant a few trees outside the perimeter towards the parking lot

  • MiscellaneousAcknowledged
    237–299 E Foster St Melrose 02176, United States - Melrose
    Damaged tree
  • Lebanon St & Park St Melrose, MA, 02176, USA - Melrose
    The new crosswalk installed looks great and suits the purpose, but 2 things on that same block. Why is there no paved sidewalk? I have lived on that part of Lebanon for over 10 years and it has never been paved. I've seen people with strollers have to walk in the street during snow. Please pave and make a real sidewalk, given the new crosswalk. Same block, there is a tree that has obvious signs of being hit by trucks and plows given it leans INTO Lebanon. It was trimmed recently, why? When other trees (that were not hurting anything) were removed. Please look and remove. This area is between 316 Lebanon and Park Street. Thank you.
  • MiscellaneousAcknowledged
    109 Sewall Woods Rd Melrose 02176, United States - Melrose
    Incorrectly applied “yield line” marking, and in wrong location
  • MiscellaneousAcknowledged
    1 City Hall Plaza Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    Faded arrows in parking lot
  • MiscellaneousAcknowledged
    37 Everett St Melrose, MA, 02176, USA - Melrose
    There is a large crack in one of the support posts for the play structure at the Lincoln playground for the older children.
  • Maple Ter Melrose, MA, 02176, USA - Melrose
    Patrick's Place construction has dozens of 18 wheel vehicles removing dirt and rock from their site daily and have been for weeks. These vehicles are leaving a heavy layer of mud and dirt on the following: Maple Terrace, Swains Pond Ave all the way down onto Lebanon St. It is my understanding that the construction company/developer is responsible for daily cleaning of these access roads. This is being tracked into driveways, garages and homes of all the residents who live near by and travel these roads. Those who live on/near these access roads have mud splashing up onto their cars and small rocks stuck in the tires daily. A sweeper came down Maple Terrace once months ago and the result of that was dust and dirt blowing around the neighborhood only to settle back the roads and cars again.
  • MiscellaneousAcknowledged
    Grove St @ Gooch St Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    loose gravel is covering much of sidewalk across about a hundred feet of sidewalk ending at the southbound 131 stop on Grove and faxon. makes it kind of slippery.
  • MiscellaneousAcknowledged
    1080 Main St Melrose, MA 02176, USA - Melrose
    someone knocked over the pedestrian sign at the corner of Boardman and Main st
  • MiscellaneousAcknowledged
    101–115 E Emerson St Melrose 02176, United States - Melrose
    No Parking Anytime signs are faded or unreadable on this street (telephone pole #1582) side. Corner of Bellevue street. Please check both sides of street for more. Thank you.