Town of Needham PLUS

Needham, MA

Open Issues: 80 Closed Issues: 13,826 Acknowledged Issues: 162
  • 106 Maple Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
    After water main install
    Needs reseeding
  • 33 Hewitt Circle Needham, MA - Needham
    Berm damaged by snow plow on 11/15. Please repair.
  • 44 Bess Road Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
    Fix berm damage near 44 Bess Road. Steve Rosenstock notified DPW.
  • 155 Great Plain Ave Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
    Lawn Damage from sidewalk plow - 155 Great Plain Ave. Resident notified DPW.
  • 162 Pine Grove St Needham Heights, MA, 02494, USA - Needham
    Please remove berm piece on sidewalk near 162 Pine Grove St. Resident also requesting berm to be added to Spring 2019 repair list. Resident notified DPW.
  • 14 Parkland Rd Needham Heights, MA, 02494, USA - Needham
    Please repair berm from sidewalk plow damage when repair season begins.
  • 5 Lake Drive Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
    Damaged utility pole was replaced recently but hole in berm was not filled. Recent rain has started to wash out soil because macadam curb was damaged during pole replacement. Pole is directly across from 226 May St
  • 37 Helen Rd Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Please repair when season begins. Thank you
  • Parkinson Street At 736 Webster St Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
  • 8 Maple Place Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
    There is a hole at least a foot in diameter and a few feet deep near the storm drain in the street. Someone could get injured if they don’t see it or a small animal could get hurt (and stuck in it). It looks like it is going to give way to greater damage.
  • 140 Forest St Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
    town doing nothing to fix
  • 57 Oak St Needham, MA 02492, USA - Needham
    please fix.