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  • Traffic SignalsRiconosciuto
    Highland Ave & Gould St Needham Heights, Massachusetts, 02494 - Needham
    Left lane turning signal still not operating correctly. Yellow light is broken and needs repair.
  • Traffic SignalsRiconosciuto
    Highland Ave & Hunting Rd Town of Needham, MA, 02494, USA - Needham
    The yellow light in the left turn signal in the intersection of Highland Avenue and Hunting Road if your facing towards I95 and taking a left towards Gould Street is not working.
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    Gould St & Highland Ave Town of Needham, MA, 02494, USA - Needham
  • 695 Highland Avenue Needham, MA, 02494, USA - Needham
    Please consider adding a no right on red for the light on webster making a right toward the highway. Even though there are arrows here no one follows them and I’ve seen several close calls of people going right near pedestrians walking with the walking signal.
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    29 Lois Lane Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Lights on corner of Highland and Webster not going through complete cycle-when sitting on Webster (Temple on your right) the red light is stuck giving no opportunity to go straight
    All other signals working
  • Gould St & Highland Ave Town of Needham, MA, 02494, USA - Needham
    Yellow signal for left turn onto Gould St from Highland Avenue from Needham Center towards Newton is out and has been for quite some time. Why has no one from the Needham DPW repaired this issue? This is an imminent safety hazard and needs to be addressed immediately. Additionally, keep right signage is missing on the islands that surround the Hunting Road / Gould St / Highland Av intersection
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    Great Plain Ave & Central Ave Needham, Massachusetts, 02492 - Needham
    Cars traveling north/south on central do not get ample opportunity to make a left hand turn due to the lack of advance/delayed green. Please bring this issue to TMAC for so the correct signal change can be made.
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    Chestnut Street/Oak Street As Well As The Hospital Parking Lot Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
    Waiting at Oak Street to enter onto or cross Chestnut Street is a long red light and needs to be looked into ASAP. Chestnut Street is red one direction but green the other. Why?
  • 2nd Ave & Highland Ave Needham, MA 02494, USA - Needham
    The traffic pattern all messed up. the Southbound traffic from newton always gets the protected left turn arrow turning onto 2nd ave even when there is no traffic. this is especially true late at night. it causes an unnecessary delay. aslo the eastbound traffic from 2nd ave has a very long greenlight thus again delaying the light cycle.
  • 1040-1066 Central Ave Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    It used to be that for a vehicle heading west on Great Plain at Central, if no eastbound car was in the left turning lane to turn north on Central, the traffic light would turn green for both directions at the same time. Now, there is always a delay for westbound cars, regardless of any eastbound traffic. Could that be readjusted?
  • Central Ave Town of Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Traffic at lights on Central Avenue do not last long enough to make it through the light in the morning. not enough cars are able to pass through traveling on central either way.
  • 169-173 Chestnut St Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Signals are rusted and need to be repainted.